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Full Version: Game Update - 11-09-18 - 2M OSRS every 10 hours!
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[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hello guys! In this update I'm bringing a system that should help a lot on money making, as well as help newcomers to find the most profitable activities in the game!

Adventurer's Path

Once you log-in you may realize that there's a new Icon in the game screen, that's a button that should open the Adventurer's Path progress interface.

[Image: 8kgJsVD.png]

You may remove the icon from screen from the configurations at bottom of the interface, it's recommended to keep the settings as this one bellow

[Image: ve53StY.png]

The adventurer's path interface is also available from quest tab.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks can be completed infinite times, once you complete a Recurring task, it will reset and you may complete and get the reward again!

2M OSRS will be rewarded for every 10 hours of game activity, and by activity it means that it will only count the time that you spend playing the game actively, such as bossing, pking, etc.
Note that AFKable skills may not count as activity for obvious reasons.

[Image: CBRXb7i.png]

[Image: dwZNLfL.png]

Soon there should be a 'Master Task' section, which is a big task for newcomers that will reward a very good amount of money, those tasks will be focused on incentive new players to perform profitable activities, at the completion of that Master Task, 3 months of Super Donator will be rewarded.


- Freeze timer is now available!
- Cannon decaying timer is now available!
- Boss respawn timer is now available (shows the last boss killed respawn time)

[Image: bg9Stx7.png][Image: 5jnXIOj.png]
[Image: zww9HF6.png]
Nice update.  Been wanting that cannon decay timer to be Implemented , glad it is ingame now.
great update
Great Update!
not bad, not bad