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Full Version: New Forum Administrator
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Hello everyone.

Today I've decided to promote Jaiz from Global Moderator ([Image: global_moderator.png]Jaiz) to Forum Administrator( [Image: forum_administrator.png]Jaiz).
Kyle has been a forum staff member for a lengthy period of time and has always had a keen interest in the moderation and upkeeping of the forums. His time as an Elite Moderator has also assisted him with staffing, and his hard work has shown itself, so I'm glad to be rewarding him.

Congratulations Kyle.
Grats Kyle! Well deserved promotion! Im sure you'll do great!
Thanks for the opportunity, Tyler.
Gratz! Well deserved.
Congratulations Jaiz, best person for the role. Smile
congrats, when can i be shoutbox moderator?
Very well deserved!
You are a great staff member.
Keep up the great work and always stay true!
Good shit Kyle.
I come back to forums to this, congrats buddy. You sure do a good job.