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Full Version: New Server Support
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Hello everyone.

Today we've decided to promote [Image: server_support.png]Charlie to the role of Server Support.

Charlie has been a consistent, helpful member within the community. We are happy that he will be rejoining our ranks. 

Charlie lives in England (GMT +1) and will primarily assist in this timezone.

Welcome Charlie, and congratulations.
Congratulations Charlie.

Since you came back We have been nothing but impressed with you.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you on another team.
Well deserved mate! I know you'll do great!
Congrats charlie, well deserved!
I think you will do fine as ss Big Grin
Congratulations Charlie.
Enjoy the rank and Well Deserved.
congratulations Charlie, well deserved Smile
Thanks guys. Going to carry on doing the best I can and see where we can go. Appreciate all the comments. Smile
Ever since I’ve returned I have seen you ALWAYS helping others out, goodjob!
Congratulations and Goodluck (doubt you’ll need it tho Wink :p )
Gz man, well deserved.