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Full Version: How to change forum Signature/Avatar/Password/Email !
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How to change forum Signature/Avatar/Password/Email

First step
First of all, you need to click on 'Private Messages',will always be in any part of the forum, but I used the forum center as an example.
[Image: 1.png]

Second step
Soon after,Are you going to come to this page !
[Image: 22.png]

Third and final step
go down a little, and look to the left and you have arrived at your goal, that is, where it changes the signatures / avatar / password / email !
[Image: 2.png]

Kind Regards
how do u make ur signature a gif
[Image: HTTPS9kZXJwaWNkbi5uZXQvaW1nLzIwMTIvOC8zL...wuZ2lm.gif]

use [img][/img] between ur gif link