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Full Version: Middleman application | ShiroKurai
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In-Game Name(s): 
ShiroKurai / Survival


GMT + 1

How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?: 
I am online almost every day.

Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM: 
There has been a lack of online middleman lately. I want to step in and help with that. I am a trusted member of the community and have been part of Etherum for more than 3 years. I've also done a number of middlemans lately (and last year when I was pended). See: (some names arent visible in the trade screen, but i'm sure you know when and for who I mmed). Thanks.

Welcome to the team, Ash. The OMM leaders are satisfied with how well you managed to handle omm transactions and think you'll make a great middleman.