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Full Version: OMM Application
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In-Game Name(s): Sylar
Age: 22
Timezone: GMT

How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?: 
Upwards of 5 hours+ a day. It varies due to IRL commitments but I tend to be online more than not. Mon/Wed/Friday are usually my busiest days due to training. However on my rest days i'm alternating between Etherum & league of legends games. I also seem to be online in times where there are no other middlemen available. Yes I will maintain increased activity.

Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM: 
I believe i'm a trustworthy person with good morals and values. I like to think i'm a level headed person who is easy to talk to. I'm active within the game and have a great understanding of MMing through learning & being over-watched by other experienced middlemen. I'd love to have more of an input on the direction that this game takes. 

Thanks for reading.

The following screenshots are some of my over-watched MM trades
[Image: af5SyBF.png][Image: YNxwhdx.png]

[Image: mZg69VK.png][Image: caY71w1.png]

[Image: p56g71l.png][Image: HrZrvye.png]

[Image: MRFP2c9.png][Image: sc7AmGY.png]

[Image: TerY64M.png][Image: 2m0P1Qp.png]

[Image: jRWglPB.png]

[Image: 3ipH571.png]

[Image: h8omRLu.png]

[Image: CDrdoX5.png]

[Image: YsokDz3.png]
Hi Sylar,

Congratulations and welcome to the OMM team!

Message Danny x or I on discord when you are available.