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Full Version: Resignation
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Dear Community,

I have been playing Grinderscape > Etherum for almost 10 years and i cannot explain how much improvements you guys have done in the past and its unbelievable.

Im writing here this evening that i will be resigning all ranks In-Game. I would also wanted to say thank you all for giving me an opportunity to promotions and joining the whole Staff Team. 

I'll be around in-game by voting and chatting with old mates and i will stay my position as a Discord Mod.

Thanks for promoting once again Jaiz to Staff <3 

Best Regards,
You were great Adam. I still remember when I first started out and you paid 500m for my 14 vote tickets. Thank you so much for everything you've done for the community
Hope everything is going well for you , Adam. 

Appreciate all the time and effort you've put into omming, spectrum and staffing though the years.
Best of luck to you man, thank you for being apart of the server
good luck my man
Thanks for everything you've done.
Shame to see you go before you had the chance of climbing the rank ladder! Sad You'd been working on it for so long, I for sure thought you'd stick to it.
Seeing the Tmod position opened, I had a feeling you'd get it. Guess we'll never know for sure now.. :/
In many ways, you were a reflection of the staff team.
SS4Life! #NeverGiveUp #SSTillResignation

Best regards, Your friend,