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Full Version: 2nd Official Middleman Application by Thomas
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In-Game Name(s): Thomas
Age: 23
Timezone: GMT+2, The Netherlands.

How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?:
At the moment I have a lot of spare time to spent on Etherum. I am online for like 8 hours a day consistently. When I am given the rank my activity could drop a bit, but it will always be 3 hours average a day. If I can't play for a prolonged time I will notify an Omm leader about it. 

Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM:

I think I am very much capable of Middlemanning skill-wise, since I already have been an Omm. I can handle very well under pressure and I stay calm when such a situation happens. In my previous application Jaiz wrote that he and the Omm leaders wanted me to be on good behavior for a while, whilst remaining to be overwatched. I think I did pretty well on being overwatched, as I averaged 2 trades per day since my last application. I hope I have showed enough dedication to be accepted in to the Omm group once again.

Middleman Screenshots:

Word of thank:
I want to thank everyone that allowed me too Middleman for them and I'd like to thank every Omm member and Staffmember that have overwatched me during a Middleman trade. I want to especially thank Fabulous and Azalea since they have overwatched me a ton, without your help I couldn't have made this application.

Welcome to the team!