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Full Version: Game Update - 24/09/2020
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[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey Guys! I've been working on most players suggestions and QoL | Fixes updates to then start working on IRL Events Gambling and Raids further! So stay tuned as more frequent updates should pop in the next few weeks!

[Image: vww2VB4.png]
  • Dragon Bolt (e) special was reworked to work like OSRS (bonus damage is 20% of ranged stat)
  • Fixed Diamond bolt(e) special, it should be always 100% accurate now.
  • Fixed a problem where wild had no PID, accidentally the no PID system of duel arena was being applied to the whole combat.
  • Now the game will accept PK Tournament donations after it has started, only during preparing stage.
  • Players can now pickup items behind even while froozen.
  • Fixed food & potions delay to match OSRS.
  • Fixed order of food + potions possible usage.
  • Fixed saradomin brew restoring life to 116 instead of 115 like OSRS.
  • Now the ground items will be sorted by price, meaning that most expensive items will appear first (pick-able with left click option)
  • Piles with over 5 items will not display 'examine' option to save up some space.
  • [Image: 9cobFl2.png]
Rune Pouch
  • Rune Pouch will now display an overlay with remaining runes, it can be toggled from settings interface!
PvP Tournament

The tournament weekly rewards were updated, Premium Points tickets are back!

[Image: cqSUzte.png]
[Image: Duh8bGd.png]
[Image: ufRqUCH.png]

[Image: gP6O5Qr.png]
  • Ironman players can no longer gain vote pack rewards.
  • Ironmen is now able to purchase hatchets from Woodcutting store.
  • Reduced the items repair cost for ironmen and Hardcore ironman
  • Hardcore Ironman will always turn into Regular Ironman upon death, without losing progress and bank.
  • Game and discord will now announce HC deaths for players with over 1,200 Total Level

[Image: p9MBKOp.png]

[Image: 12n7bQX.png]

  • Players can now use regular and super donator tickets on other players to give them a rank.
  • Castle Wars game time was changed back to 10 minutes.
  • Last Man standing shop items are now available at Collections Log
  • Nurse will now heal players life up to max boosted HP
  • Monster rare drop announcement was improved and now displays current Kill Count of player
  • [Image: fQaw7v4.png]
  • Fixed Corporeal Beast attacking after being killed.
  • Tournament classification time left was improved to be more precise.
  • [Image: rXOyI2A.png]
  • [Image: M1M1Mgo.png]
  • Decanter at G.E will now clean noted grimy herbs (just use the noted grimy herbs on him)
  • [Image: 21tZyYb.png]
  • Bob decanter prices were increased.
  • Now the game will notify missing items when withdrawing a preset from bank.
  • [Image: 973LLZ9.png]
  • The game will now display pouch examine and space left when examining the pouch.
  • [Image: AlaKpYB.png]
  • The coins were removed from Squeal of Fortune
  • The crafting amount options on Gold Bar smithing now works properly.
  • Right click option was removed from Bunyip
  • The respawn time of Sea Troll Queen was reduced.
  • Wise Old Man will now have a right click option to quickly repair barrows items.
  • [Image: qVl9Txs.png]
  • Fixed Bork shop only having 1 item available on stock.
  • A ::report command was added, it will redirect to proper forum's report section.
  • More fire Giants were spawned at Brimnhaven dungeon.
  • Rommik's crafting shop was re-organized.
  • Ankou set may now be dropped by Ankous in catacombs as well.
  • Dragon Hunter lance should now be the best item slot against Corporeal Beast.

  • Fixed resting animation and other possible related issue on other animations.
  • Fixed players not being able to purchase from battle royale store.
  • Nightmare and Skotizo long map loading should be fixed now.
  • Premium tickets were removed from collections on Mystery Boxes and Squeal of fortune as they are no longer rewarded there.
Nice update! Glad hcim was changed to not reset the account and instead demote to Ironman on death. I may play hcim mode now
Nice job!
Great job!
Good lord I've missed your updates pb. Great job working through suggestions and bug fixes.
Smaller updates with player suggestions makes the game already more enjoyable (at least for me). Good job on this update once again pb Big Grin
I see about 2 of my suggestion put into the update Big Grin
Great Qol and bugfixing update, keep up the good work Development Team!
Pretty good update, keep it up
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