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Full Version: Game Update - 11-06-2020
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Hello Guys! As promised we are getting the Global Task update this week!

[Image: RomcMrT.png]

Global Tasks

The global task system, allows any player to create a Global Task, you can set the goal and place the rewards that winner will get, pretty much like PvP tournament events.

Like PvP tournament, every item must be worth at least 500M coins.
(Points & scores will be added for creating a task (50 per 500M offered) and 25 for completing a task, those points may be used for some store in the future.

The global tasks can be accessed from Desk Tab

[Image: S7Eqj51.png]

There are plenty of tasks options that you can select to create!
[Image: FIwnBXa.png][Image: Xkvo2v3.png]

Once you select a task, it will request to define a goal, each task has a minimum - maximum goal that you can put.

[Image: lJ9RqKa.png]

Available tasks will appear on first tab, the green bar shows your progress, and the bellow red bar displays the current task leader progress!

[Image: bF7ctVH.png]

Finally at the History tab you can follow previous tasks winners

[Image: 5MiiueS.png]

New Tasks

We have added a couple new tasks to the game!
  • Task Demander - Create 5 Global Tasks.
  • Task Hungry - Complete 10 Global Tasks
  • Hot Dog - Kill Cerberus 50 times.
  • Gryffindor - Kill Zulrah 50 times.
  • It is a Nightmare - Participate on a Nightmare kill.
  • Lucky Catch - Catch 5 lucky implings.
  • Animal Hunter - Catch 200 hunter animals.
  • Lucky Hand - Win a Rock, Paper and Scissor game.
  • Twenty one Attempts - Win a Blackjack game hitting 21.
  • Discording - Claim a daily discord reward.
  • The Last Survival - Join a Battle Royale Game.

Ironman will auto-complete Lucky Hand and Twenty one Attempts task!
The Hot Dog and Gryffindor tasks will unlock two new pets.

[Image: uQoyJ5e.png]

[Image: zzGZBL2.png][Image: dPo9iPL.png]

[Image: 2nmfb7g.png]

Ironman is now able to play Duo Slayer with other Iromens.

That's it for today guys! Hope you guys like this update, and it makes the overall game more active and rewarding!

Stay tuned for more news! We now have latest OSRS items, such as Traibalizer items and more!
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Nice one pb! keep it up Smile