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Full Version: Game Update - 11-16-2020
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[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey guys!

Today I'm just releasing some quick fixes and new event types!

HP Event

Players can donate items to start an event, the minimum pot value must be 5B and 3 items!
The HP Event boss will spawn at Corporeal Beast lair or at a random location in the Wilderness.
Upon death all the rewards will be split between the top 3 damagers.

The boss have 300 of defense stats (defense bonus), so it's good to have a proper gear and accuracy!

[Image: xEZTpuM.png]

[Image: 9KTRP9y.png]
[Image: mHW46Kd.png]

Puzzle Event

The Puzzle Event starts once a total pot of 3B gets cumulated, the first player to complete the puzzle will get the whole pot!

The same image and shuffle order will be used on all players!

[Image: wDc7l2k.png]

[Image: lJJ1Lhe.png]


  • Players will now only get vote penalty if they miss over 4 days of voting.
  • Now the shortcut at premium training map will work properly
  • [Image: vejh4kY.png]
  • Raw Anglerfish can now be noted at Resources Area.
  • The cats were removed from Mystery boxes.
Sweet update pb! Im looking forward to the new hp boss events Big Grin
So many upates!! Love it <3