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Full Version: Game Update - 12-24-2020
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Hello Guys!! Merry Christmas! We hope all of you have a great holiday!

As our main focus is Raids at this moment, today we are releasing the Christmas Event and a PvP Campaign that was ready for a while!

PvP Campaign

The PvP Campaign is some sort of progress that you earn by killing players at the Wilderness, you may use those progress to unlock permanent features in your account.

Once you login for the first time, all of your Kill count will be converted into Campaign points! This means that all those players that have killed over 9-10K players, will have lots of new features available! Congratulations and thanks for the loyalty and effort!

You can access the interface through the Desk Tab or near the wilderness.

[Image: CgsB9fv.png]
[Image: 25ZMV3c.png]

[Image: e0J5IUU.png]

Christmas Event

From now on we are going to make our events progressive, which means that the story will always continue every year, instead of discarding past events.

However from now on, your progress on the story of the previous year will be saved, and you will be able to just continue from where you stopped, while newcomers will always have a huge event available during the holidays!

The Christmas Event starts from Edgeville, you may talk-to Santa Claus, to start the Event, and claim your prizes!

We will leave the event details for you to adventure through and figure out! Either way, the community should be available to help each other through the tasks!

[Image: iZL3UxB.png]

We also have new Pets available!

[Image: wINVOVW.png]

  • Premium Chest rewards were improved! The Tier 7 chances were increased.
  • Now the command :: star is available to teleport yourself to the Shooting star in case it was spotted already!
  • The skilling tasks related to Hunter were improved, they should no longer be as difficult as before.
  • OSRS Token reward was removed from trivia.
  • The herblore store now has Snake Weed & Nail beast nails available, those ingredients can be used to make Sanfew Serum
  • [Image: xuG6zr3.png]
  • An Ironman Vote shop was created, to fulfill Ironman needs that cannot be obtained like regular players.
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Thanks for the update
Merry christmas to everyone Wink
Sick Event, keep it up.

Merry Christmas guys. Smile <3
nice update, pb.

and merry xmas everyone.