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  Time to say goodbye :(
Posted by: Flashdevil11 - 02-26-2021, 04:26 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (6)

Hey guys, sadly it is time for me to say goodbye..i had such an amazing time on etherum with most of the players, wether if it was an event, a tournament or sweating for the first place in the skilling tournament. It was an honor to be in the best staff team ever and we had a lot of fun. I have some issues in real life i have to take care of..i felt in a deep depression where it is really hard for me to do anything outside of my bed..thats the reason why i have been inactive. I have no idea when i will return but i will for sure and hopefully next time i log in this server has a huge playerbase Big Grin

  Recover account
Posted by: Skillelt - 02-26-2021, 10:10 AM - Forum: Help - Replies (1)

Hello, long time i didin't log in to this server, and i really know that i had few accounts, one of them what i remember all logins and email is skillelt , if i'm not wrong i had and other it could be named Skillelt1  and Close , if it's possible can you check by Skillelt logs and see what accounts was on old ip, since i moved out and i don't remember old ip, but if need i can provide internet provider if that helps  Big Grin

  Another New Trial Mod
Posted by: Icarly65 - 01-29-2021, 03:31 PM - Forum: Staff Changes - Replies (1)

A couple week ago, we welcomed a new Trial Mod to the game, Greetje, as she was doing a fantastic job as Server Support.

Today we have decided to promote another Server Support to Trial mod. Mrlebeaudry has been doing a fantasic job in his rank of Server Support. Maintaining good activity, while helping players out. He also has been a Mod in the past, making this a pretty easy decision for us.


Posted by: Iron Fun - 01-29-2021, 08:16 AM - Forum: Staff Changes - Replies (8)

Hey Everyone.

I'd like to thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to be part of staffteam, but it's time for me to leave, I'm resigning from all staff position.

I'm leaving, Because life's became a bit bad lately for My family and I, and I don't see myself around for months. I've decided to resign than holding a rank that I don't deserve for doing nothing at all.

I'd like to thank Danny for letting me in staffteam, and all other staffs, keep your good work up guys.


  OMM Application- Contender
Posted by: Contender RS - 01-24-2021, 07:51 PM - Forum: Official Middleman Applications - Replies (1)

In-Game Name(s): Contender
Age: 17
Timezone: GMT +1
How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?: forsure, my activity will increase, I'm active ingame and will be active more on discord incase OMM needed, I'll just hop and help out. I play everyday more than 5 hrs.
Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM:
I'm trying to do my best to help community out, I see lack of OMMs sometimes ingame, I'd happily help players when OMM needed. I'm a calm and active person, and its hard to get me angry.

Please take screenshots of the trades you mm with an OMM overwatching you.  You need to attach those to this application. theres more coming soon Smile

Thumbs Up Omm Application- Grumpy Teemo
Posted by: Grumpy159 - 01-22-2021, 05:41 AM - Forum: Official Middleman Applications - Replies (1)

In-Game Name(s):
Grumpy159 (main/wiki editor), Grumpy Teemo (2nd alt)
Grumpy 1599 (3rd alt) Grumpy Iron (ironman)

Age: 26

Timezone: GMT-5

How often do you play, and will you maintain an increased level of activity if given the rank?:
I play around 2-3 hrs a day 7 days a week, and of course the time i'll be on will increase since i can receive dm's on Discord and log in quite quickly

Why do you deserve to be in this group? Please list traits/attributes you believe sets you aside from others, along with a general description of why you believe you should be an OMM: :
I believe i made myself know by offering  help to everyone. When there's no OMM on, i often get asked if i can OMM because of my Wiki Editor Rank. unfortunately i wish i could help them but having an alt as omm would benefit the community a lot

Please take screenshots of the trades you mm with an OMM overwatching you.

[Image: znhwcxG.png]
[Image: RHBWlHo.png]
[Image: PUYkhds.png]
[Image: O3yzaBJ.png]
[Image: FGy4joB.png]
[Image: 1m4TL9a,png]

  New Sectional Moderators
Posted by: Dannyx - 01-20-2021, 09:37 AM - Forum: Staff Changes - Replies (3)


With my irl situation, some may have noticed ingame, I'm on the opposite spectrum of my active hours for the USA timezone. I forgot to make a thread to officially congratulate Iron Fun and Icarly65 on being promoted to Sectional Moderators. 

Forums may not be as active as it once was but the positions help monitor the forums for its current activity.  Both Iron Fun & icarly65 help a ton throughout the server with whatever is needed. 


  Etherum Update - 09/01/2020 & 15/01/2020
Posted by: PeixeDev - 01-15-2021, 08:37 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (3)

[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey guys! My name is Peixe, In this update thread I'm resuming what we did in the last two updates. Most of it were bug fixes so I hope you guys like it.

  • Monster
    • Skotizo
      • Added Skotizo to Bosses Teleport
      • Added a way to disassemble Purple Slayer Helmet to Dark Claws and Full Slayer Helmet.
      • Changed Skotizo totem conversation.
    • Wintertodt
      • Fixed not being able to enter Wintertodt
      • Fixed Wntertodt life bar spawn position.
    • Nightmare (May be a roll back)
      • Fixed Nightmare conversation.
      • Fixed losing Zulrah Items inside Nightmare.
  • Skills
    • Reduced Completionist Slayer damage bonus to 0.5%
    • Reduced Trimmed completionist Slayer damage bonus to 1%
    • Summoning
      • Reduced Fruit Bat special delay to 7 seconds.
    • Hunter
      • Fixed the message saying "You need a hunter level of KLambda to use this".
      • Fixed accounts getting stuck due to Hunter Box Traps.
    • Woodcutting
    • Slayer
      • Fixed alternative monsters not counting towards your primary task.
        • Cerberus - Hellhounds
        • Kaphite Queen - Kaphites
        • Dagannoth Supreme - Dagannoth
        • Dagannoth Prime - Dagannoth
        • Dagannoth Rex - Dagannoth
        • Kril Tsutsaroth - Greater Demons
        • Kree Arra - Aviansies
        • Callisto - Bears
        • Venenatis - Spiders
        • Scorpia - Scorpions
        • Demonic Gorillas - Black Demons
        • Vorkath - Blue Dragons
  • Minigames
    • Barrows
      • Added Akrisae items to Barrows collection log.
  • Misc
    • Fixed not being able to pouch more than 2.147b

  New Trial Mod
Posted by: Icarly65 - 01-13-2021, 01:54 PM - Forum: Staff Changes - Replies (2)

Hey everyone

Today we will be promoting Greetje to the rank of Trial mod! Greetje has been doing a fantastic job in her role of server support, and we believe she will do well in her new position.


Lightbulb Etherum Update - 06/01/2021
Posted by: PeixeDev - 01-07-2021, 06:13 PM - Forum: Updates - Replies (6)

[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hi guys! My name is Peixe, in this update we're removing the 2020 Christmas Event, making some QoL and Bug Fixes suggestions + Some new content, Almost all of the things did here on this update were suggested by Players through our Discord Chat so don't forget to join and suggest things too! We're waiting for you!

With that out of the way lets to go the update!

To Play this update you'll need to restart your client!

0 - Summary
1 - Quality of Life
2 - Bug Fixes
3 - Cape Perks
4 - Features & Etherum Lab
5 - Nieve
6 - Akrisae
7 - Armour Sets
8 - Our Plans
9 - Credits

[Image: YQT0vQc.png?1]

1 - Quality of Life

  • Skilling
    • Made it so you can remove Aura Effects by right-clicking them.
    • Made it so the server announces when someone reaches 200m in each skill.
    • Made it so you receive bars and cooked fish when using Infernal items.
    • Prestige shop
      • We reworked the Prestige shop so the prices are better based on the current economy.
    • Skilling Tasks
      • Reduced hunter skilling task amount
      • Made it so using Infernal items count to the Skilling Task you're training.
      • Made it show your task when you already have one.
    • Skilling Points
      • Iron man
        • Increased the Skilling Points gain by Iron Man for 25%.
      • Hardcore Iron Man
        • Increased the Skilling Points gain by Hardcore Iron Man for 50%.
    • Shooting Star
      • Added Star Dust to Global Tasks.
      • Added the command ":Confusedtar" that teleports you to the Shooting Star.
      • Added a warning when teleporting to a Shooting Star located at Wilderness.
      • Increased the XP gain from Shooting Stars.
    • Hunter
      • Now you should be able to get Chinchompa pets by catching them
        • Grey Chinchompa: 500 catches.
        • Carnivorous/Red Chinchompa: 1000 catches.
        • Black Chinchompa: 1500 catches.

      • Improved Hunter code so now it will be easier to make changes.
      • Now you can automatically bait hunter traps through the Features interface.
      • Now the object animation works properly.
      • Now you can Lay traps that are on the ground (that was planned to be a 2nd release feature but wasn't that hard to add).
    • Slayer
      • Made it so to make a Purple Slayer Helmet with Dark Claws you need a Full Slayer Helmet instead of a regular one.
      • Made it so Alchemical Hydra counts towards the Hydra slayer task but not vice-versa.
      • Added completing task assignments to Global Tasks.
      • Added Hexcrest and Focus Sight to Slayer Collection Log.
      • Added the feature to increase Superior Slayer monster chances.
        Show ContentSlayer Collection Log and Global Tasks:
    • Crafting
      • Increased the stock for Uncut Dragonstones at Crafting Shop.
      • Added a way to make Studded Leather Body with Steel studs or Leather body.
    • Cooking
      • Fixed Flaming Hand aura giving extra XP
      • Added Cooking Guild to the Skilling teleport list.
    • Farming
      • Added Catherby Farming Patches to the Skilling teleport list.
      • Changed the Catherby Patches from the old Farming system to the new one.
  • Rewards / Shops
    • Reworked the Prestige Skilling Shop so the prices are better based on the current economy.
    • Increased the amount of Flasks for Extreme Donators to 150.
    • Crystal Chests
      • Added Slayer VIP Ticket
      • Added Superior Bones
      • Added Ourg Bones
      • Added Dagganoth Bones
      • Added Frost Dragon Bones
      • Added Raw Shark
      • Added Raw Pawya Meat
      • Added Raw Anglerfish
      • Added Tuna Potato
      • Added Papaya
      • Added Uncut Dragonstone
      • Added Donator Ticket
    • Mystery Box
      • Increased the reward price needed to be announced.
  • Monsters
    • Wintertodt
      • As the object entity system got reworked, Wintertodt *may* not appear anymore at Donator Zone (wasn't able to replicate).
      • Removed some of the Wintertodt collection log items.
      • Increased Wintertodt drop rate chances.
    • Added Lizard Shaman to the Kill Tracker.
    • Added a command to get the Killcount of a npc by using ::kc npcName
    • Monsters that dropped more than 1 Uncut Onyx not drop Noted Uncut Onyx (Affected mainly Hydra / Sea Troll Queen / etc)
    • Reduced King Black Dragon spawn timer to 33 ticks (20 seconds)
    • Reduced Cerberus Entry Price to 5M
    • Reduced Kraken Entry Price to 5M
      Show ContentEntry Prices:
  • Typo
    • Fixed some typos with wrong past verb.
    • Fixed a typo with Anglerfish that was saying you could only eat it at Wilderness but the correct would be Wilderness ditch.
  • Others
    • Added two options to Grand, Gold, Silver and Bronze Chests
      • Rewards - Open the rewards for the specific chest.
      • History - Opens the current history and focus on the latest reward of that chest.
    • Buffed Zaryte Bow attack speed and made it bis at Avatars.
    • Added a way to sort your Bank Tabs from Ascending to Descending.
    • Added a Title "The Collector" when you complete 100% of the Collection Log.
    • Added a warning when creating Primordial / Eternal / Pegasian boots.
    • Changed City Teleports to follow alphabetical order.
    • Removed the conversation with pets that aren't of yours.
    • Removed Guard Dog pet combat level.
2 - Bug Fixes
  • Monsters
    • Nerfed Kraken damage, it was hitting a lot through prayer.
    • Skotizo
      • Fixed Catacombs of Kourrend altar animation.
      • Fixed Skotizo attacking before loading the region.
      • Fixed Skotizo altars not spawning properly.
      • Fixed Skotizo altars not
    • Fixed Dreadnips not attacking in non-multi places.
    • Fixed auto retaliate not working with certain monsters (mainly Thermonuclear)
    • Fixed Zulrah items getting lost at Shura's collection.
    • Fixed Nex minions drop location being inaccessible.
  • Interfaces
    • Fixed Barrows Interface being in front of the HP Stat Bar.
    • Fixed not being able to write more than 10 numbers at Player Owned Shop and other interfaces.
    • Fixed the Enchant Crossbow Bolts interface.
      Show ContentInterfaces:
  • Items
    • Fixed wrong item offsets in dialogues / conversations (Mainly Skilling Task & Assembleables)
    • Fixed it so Bone Sack (e) now works with noted drops.
    • Fixed not being able to note Dragon Hunter Lance.
    • Fixed Revenant Ether being consumed when attacking Dummies.
    • Fixed Barrow items degrading for Extreme Donators.
    • Fixed Craw's bow being stuck in the (u) version.
      Show ContentItem offsets:
  • Objects
    • Fixed Agility Course log needing to be clicked two times.
    • Fixed needing to use an item two times on an object for it to work, was happening a lot with prayer.
  • Battle Royale
    • Fixed a Battle Royale ladder teleporting you back.
    • Fixed a ladder in the wilderness teleporting to Battle Royale.
    • Fixed it so your weapon animation will be updated when joining a Battle Royale game.
    • Fixed Battle Royale fog not resetting after a match.
    • Fixed Battle Royale bots appearing as friends in the minimap.
    • Fixed Battle Royale bots appearing as online in the Friends List.3

[Image: NeKLSO0.png?1]

3 - Cape Perks

Talking about Skilling Capes, now we added Skilling Capes Perks! Remember that using a Completionist (T) cape enables all the perks automatically. When a Skilling Cape effect is enabled it'll be sent a message in your chat saying what happened.

  • Skilling Capes
    • Prayer: Chance to save a bone when burying (both on altar / ground)
    • Runecrafting: Chance to use two rune essences in one go.
    • Agility: Chance to get double Agility Arena Tickets.
    • Thieving: Chance to steal two stalls in one go.
    • Crafting: Chance to cut two gems in one go.
    • Fletching: Chance of stringing two bows in one go.
    • Slayer: Chance of the Slayer Task not counting, you'll still earn points so that can be used for farming points.
    • Hunter: Chance to catch two animals (Gives crazy xp when enabled along with Pawya).
    • Smithing: Chance to smelt two bars at once.
    • Firemaking: Chance to get doubled exp from one log.
    • Woodcutting: Chance to get double logs.
    • Summoning: Chance to save 50% of the charms when infusing pouches.
    • Farming: Chance of instantly harvesting a patch.
  • Completionist Cape
    • 5% XP Boost when wearing it
    • 5% Slayer Damage Boost when wearing it.
  • Completionist Trimmed Cape
    • All of the Skilling Cape perks
    • 10% XP Boost when waring it
    • 10% Slayer Damage Boost when wearing it.

[Image: oR2nyGB.png?1]

4 - Features & Etherum Lab

With this update we also added a new interface where you can enable or disable Etherum Features, in this interface you can also enable Etherum Labs which will be a new section where we'll post experimental things. Currently those are the following features that can be enabled:

  • Skilling
    • Automatically bait traps when possible
    • Automatically pick-up auras when possible
  • Warnings / Notifications
    • Warning: Ice Queen portal.
    • Warning: Mutant Tarn portal
    • Warning: Items repairing
    • Warning: Slayer Master teleport fee
    • Warning: Slayer Master too weak for your level
    • Warning: Wilderness entrance
    • Warning: Wilderness teleport
    • Warning: Skull enabling
    • Warning: Lucky Items destroy
    • Warning: Wintertodt entrance
    • Warning: Pet consuming
    • Warning: Degradables merging
    • Warning: Hunter invalid bait
    • Confirmation: Player Owned Shop items purchase
    • Confirmation: Player Owned Shop sell
    • Notification: Player Owned shop item sale
    • Notification: Adventurer's Path progress
  • Misc
    • Enable Etherum Labs
    • Enable Drop Table Percentages
  • Etherum Labs (Remember any feature from here can be removed anytime)
    • Enable Player Owned Shop Tags
      • Armadyl Godsword = ags
      • Bandos Godsword = bgs
      • Dragon Claws = dclaws
      • Vesta's Longsword = Vestas Longsword

[Image: PyiPU8E.png]

[Image: pwHwHeo.png?1]

5 - Nieve

We currently added a new Slayer Master, we added it mainly because of the Cave Krakens. It is a non-donator Slayer Master which can be found near Gnome Agility Arena or by the Ring of Slaying. Following are the Slayer master tasks:

  • Aberrant Spectres
  • Abyssal Demons
  • Green Dragons
  • Ankous
  • Aviansies
  • Basilisks
  • Black Demons
  • Black Dragons
  • Bloodvelds
  • Blue Dragons
  • Brine Rats
  • Cave Horrors
  • Cave Kraken
  • Dagganoth
  • Dark Beasts
  • Drake
  • Dust Devil
  • Fire Giants
  • Wyverns
  • Gargoyles
  • Greater Demons
  • Hellhounds
  • Iron Dragons
  • Kalphites
  • Kurasks
  • Lizard Men
  • Mithril Dragons
  • Nechryaels
  • Red Dragons
  • Smoke Devils
  • Spiritual Mages
  • Spiritual Warriors
  • Steel Dragons
  • Suqahs
  • Trolls
  • Turoths
  • Tzhaars
  • Vampyres
  • Wyrm

[Image: 8a0k7Ge.png]

As talked about the Cave Kraken, they are located in the Kraken Cave which can be accessed by the Monster / Boss teleport, they're not strong and can be killed easily, along with the Trident of the Sea drop might be a good monster to farm.

[Image: ExLprcg.png?1]

6 - Akrisae

In order to add the new Barrows brother Akrisae we needed to rework the Barrows code, with that some of the barrows bugs got fixed also.

Akrisae is a Mage / Melee Barrows brother that also makes your prayer drain faster, it shares it Sarcophagus with Verac so there is a chance it spawns when opening Verac's Sarcophagus, if Verac is chose as the entrance brother then there's a chance for it to spawn at the chest and say "You dare steal from us?". The Akrisae set was also added in-game with nice stats (better than Ancestral if considering the mace), so I really hope you guys like that new Barrows brother.

[Image: cR10pOf.png]

[Image: NsmC9Er.png?1]

7 - Armour Sets

So we added all the 07 and Pre-eoc Armour Sets, even the ones who aren't in-game. To create an Armour Set you just need to use one item on another, to unpack just click on it. Armour Sets opens a new world of opportunities, they can be used for saving space in bank, selling whole sets as a conjunct in the Player Owned Shop and some other things. I really hope you guys like it, following there is a list of the sets that were added in-game as if I wrote those directly to this thread would make it too big.

Armour Sets complete list including pieces.

[Image: dABu9uK.gif]

[Image: lOaKcTG.png]

8 - Our Plans

So currently our plans are very established, even tho I am not at Pb's house anymore we will try to focus totally on coding Raids as it is taking too long already, that may result in less updates for some months but it is a sacrifice to take. As probably there won't be that much Quality of Life bugs in the next days I tried to put the most I could in this update. I hope you guys liked it.

[Image: 3rG0IQL.png]

9 - Credits

My main thanks here goes for the community for reporting the bugs and making suggestions, people like Jurbia, Rcmbs, Qwenter, Potatoking, Wetawded, Stranger, Honeymango. Also thanks to the supporters that showed their opinion about the new content: Shirokurai, Icarly65, Ridok, Adam, Iron Fun and finally Greetje.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a nice 2021.
Peixe - Etherum developer.