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New Server Support - Sir Wizard - 01-09-2019

Hello everyone.

Today we've decided to promote [Image: server_support.png]Charlie to the role of Server Support.

Charlie has been a consistent, helpful member within the community. We are happy that he will be rejoining our ranks. 

Charlie lives in England (GMT +1) and will primarily assist in this timezone.

Welcome Charlie, and congratulations.

RE: New Server Support - Jaiz - 01-09-2019

Congratulations Charlie.

Since you came back We have been nothing but impressed with you.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to working with you on another team.

RE: New Server Support - Timy - 01-09-2019

Well deserved mate! I know you'll do great!

RE: New Server Support - Thomas - 01-09-2019

Congrats charlie, well deserved!
I think you will do fine as ss Big Grin

RE: New Server Support - Adam - 01-09-2019

Congratulations Charlie.
Enjoy the rank and Well Deserved.

RE: New Server Support - Saim - 01-09-2019

congratulations Charlie, well deserved Smile

RE: New Server Support - Charlie - 01-09-2019

Thanks guys. Going to carry on doing the best I can and see where we can go. Appreciate all the comments. Smile

RE: New Server Support - Jess - 01-09-2019

Ever since I’ve returned I have seen you ALWAYS helping others out, goodjob!
Congratulations and Goodluck (doubt you’ll need it tho Wink :p )

RE: New Server Support - ANZ - 01-12-2019

Gz man, well deserved.