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Outfit Contest #19 - Adam - 10-05-2019

Spooktober Special

What is ' Outfit Contest ' ?

Outfit Contest is an event where you dress up and compete on another people and win prizes.

How to participate?

Required is to join the Etherum's discord server to message me. If you haven't yet by clicking this here 
Etherum Discord Server <

Entries can be sent into my Discord Messages.

Once you have joined the discord, look for my name and right click it then message me the outfit. I am always on DnD but i am always looking at messages.
[Image: dWCecn2.png]

This is how you take a photo. Make sure you put " #OC 19 " anywhere on the photo, this is just an example of what it should look like this : 
[Image: 5JtM95k.png]

This month's theme:  Halloweeen. BUT THERE'S A TWIST

You need to be wearing only 5 pieces of clothing to participate!

This month's prize : [Image: YHvGZhrh.jpg]

Taking Entries 6/10/2019
Closed Entries 31/10/2019
Good Luck!

RE: Outfit Contest #19 - Saim - 10-06-2019

Ty for hosting, sent my entry to your PM Smile

RE: Outfit Contest #19 - Ericthenoob - 10-15-2019

Good luck All; SPOOKYTOBER <3

RE: Outfit Contest #19 - Adam - 10-25-2019

Entries are now closed. Voting is onto the next page.