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Game update - 25/01/2020 - Niels - 01-25-2020

Hello guys! 

We're here with some bug fixes that started happening last night after the update!

- Spam clicking the brazier no longer gives extra firemaking exp.
- Spam clicking knife + bruma logs no longer gives Wintertodt points/exp if you do so.
- A message popping up when killing any monster, regardless if they were on a slayer task or not, will now no longer give the red Superior slayer message, unless of course you actually have a chance at spawning a Superior slayer monster (& have it not unlocked yet).
- Fixed the alchemical Hydra not respawning properly, it'll respawn correctly again.
- Using a rock hammer on a Gargoyle will now work correctly,
- Using bag of salt on a rockslug will now work correctly.

- Fixed slayer ring not working from equipment operating
- Fixed slayer VIP ticket and other slayer rewards dropping behind some Bosses such as Vorkath, Sea Troll Queen, Kraken, ....
- Fixed the Tournament inventory glitching again sometimes, they should work again as before.
- A slayer exp gain bug regarding one of the Catacombs monsters has been fixed.
- Dying at Wintertodt will now make your items spawn in front of the door. Using Grave teleport will bring you to that spot too.
- Level 3s with 10 hp will now take damage at Wintertodt.

RE: Game update - 25/01/2020 - Charlie - 01-25-2020

Good stuff fellas

RE: Game update - 25/01/2020 - Woody - 01-25-2020

Aye thanks lads

RE: Game update - 25/01/2020 - Byron - 01-25-2020

Nice job guys!