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Resignation - Adam - 02-09-2020

Dear Community,

I have been playing Grinderscape > Etherum for almost 10 years and i cannot explain how much improvements you guys have done in the past and its unbelievable.

Im writing here this evening that i will be resigning all ranks In-Game. I would also wanted to say thank you all for giving me an opportunity to promotions and joining the whole Staff Team. 

I'll be around in-game by voting and chatting with old mates and i will stay my position as a Discord Mod.

Thanks for promoting once again Jaiz to Staff <3 

Best Regards,

RE: Resignation - I am Sylar - 02-09-2020

You were great Adam. I still remember when I first started out and you paid 500m for my 14 vote tickets. Thank you so much for everything you've done for the community

RE: Resignation - Jaiz - 02-09-2020

Hope everything is going well for you , Adam. 

Appreciate all the time and effort you've put into omming, spectrum and staffing though the years.

RE: Resignation - Icarly65 - 02-09-2020

Best of luck to you man, thank you for being apart of the server

RE: Resignation - Potatoking - 02-09-2020

good luck my man

RE: Resignation - Zoiezo - 02-10-2020

Thanks for everything you've done.

RE: Resignation - Lego - 02-12-2020

Shame to see you go before you had the chance of climbing the rank ladder! Sad You'd been working on it for so long, I for sure thought you'd stick to it.
Seeing the Tmod position opened, I had a feeling you'd get it. Guess we'll never know for sure now.. :/
In many ways, you were a reflection of the staff team.
SS4Life! #NeverGiveUp #SSTillResignation

Best regards, Your friend,