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Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Pb600 - 09-24-2020

[Image: CQCH2gL.png]

Hey Guys! I've been working on most players suggestions and QoL | Fixes updates to then start working on IRL Events Gambling and Raids further! So stay tuned as more frequent updates should pop in the next few weeks!

[Image: vww2VB4.png]
  • Dragon Bolt (e) special was reworked to work like OSRS (bonus damage is 20% of ranged stat)
  • Fixed Diamond bolt(e) special, it should be always 100% accurate now.
  • Fixed a problem where wild had no PID, accidentally the no PID system of duel arena was being applied to the whole combat.
  • Now the game will accept PK Tournament donations after it has started, only during preparing stage.
  • Players can now pickup items behind even while froozen.
  • Fixed food & potions delay to match OSRS.
  • Fixed order of food + potions possible usage.
  • Fixed saradomin brew restoring life to 116 instead of 115 like OSRS.
  • Now the ground items will be sorted by price, meaning that most expensive items will appear first (pick-able with left click option)
  • Piles with over 5 items will not display 'examine' option to save up some space.
  • [Image: 9cobFl2.png]
Rune Pouch
  • Rune Pouch will now display an overlay with remaining runes, it can be toggled from settings interface!
PvP Tournament

The tournament weekly rewards were updated, Premium Points tickets are back!

[Image: cqSUzte.png]
[Image: Duh8bGd.png]
[Image: ufRqUCH.png]

[Image: gP6O5Qr.png]
  • Ironman players can no longer gain vote pack rewards.
  • Ironmen is now able to purchase hatchets from Woodcutting store.
  • Reduced the items repair cost for ironmen and Hardcore ironman
  • Hardcore Ironman will always turn into Regular Ironman upon death, without losing progress and bank.
  • Game and discord will now announce HC deaths for players with over 1,200 Total Level

[Image: p9MBKOp.png]

[Image: 12n7bQX.png]

  • Players can now use regular and super donator tickets on other players to give them a rank.
  • Castle Wars game time was changed back to 10 minutes.
  • Last Man standing shop items are now available at Collections Log
  • Nurse will now heal players life up to max boosted HP
  • Monster rare drop announcement was improved and now displays current Kill Count of player
  • [Image: fQaw7v4.png]
  • Fixed Corporeal Beast attacking after being killed.
  • Tournament classification time left was improved to be more precise.
  • [Image: rXOyI2A.png]
  • [Image: M1M1Mgo.png]
  • Decanter at G.E will now clean noted grimy herbs (just use the noted grimy herbs on him)
  • [Image: 21tZyYb.png]
  • Bob decanter prices were increased.
  • Now the game will notify missing items when withdrawing a preset from bank.
  • [Image: 973LLZ9.png]
  • The game will now display pouch examine and space left when examining the pouch.
  • [Image: AlaKpYB.png]
  • The coins were removed from Squeal of Fortune
  • The crafting amount options on Gold Bar smithing now works properly.
  • Right click option was removed from Bunyip
  • The respawn time of Sea Troll Queen was reduced.
  • Wise Old Man will now have a right click option to quickly repair barrows items.
  • [Image: qVl9Txs.png]
  • Fixed Bork shop only having 1 item available on stock.
  • A ::report command was added, it will redirect to proper forum's report section.
  • More fire Giants were spawned at Brimnhaven dungeon.
  • Rommik's crafting shop was re-organized.
  • Ankou set may now be dropped by Ankous in catacombs as well.
  • Dragon Hunter lance should now be the best item slot against Corporeal Beast.

  • Fixed resting animation and other possible related issue on other animations.
  • Fixed players not being able to purchase from battle royale store.
  • Nightmare and Skotizo long map loading should be fixed now.
  • Premium tickets were removed from collections on Mystery Boxes and Squeal of fortune as they are no longer rewarded there.

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Dannyx - 09-24-2020

Nice update! Glad hcim was changed to not reset the account and instead demote to Ironman on death. I may play hcim mode now

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - PeixeDev - 09-24-2020

Nice job!

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Iron Fun - 09-24-2020

Great job!

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Mrlebeaudry - 09-24-2020


RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Princess_ - 09-24-2020


RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Jaiz - 09-24-2020

Good lord I've missed your updates pb. Great job working through suggestions and bug fixes.

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Flashdevil11 - 09-24-2020

Smaller updates with player suggestions makes the game already more enjoyable (at least for me). Good job on this update once again pb Big Grin

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - Thomas - 09-24-2020

I see about 2 of my suggestion put into the update Big Grin
Great Qol and bugfixing update, keep up the good work Development Team!

RE: Game Update - 24/09/2020 - qwenter79 - 09-24-2020

Pretty good update, keep it up