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Multple staff team changes - Dannyx - 10-31-2020


We have decided to promote Icarly65 to Elite moderator.  Chris has been doing a phenomenal job and puts in a lot of effort with what is needed in-game and out.  

Also, both Flashdevill11 and Zoiezo are being promoted to Moderators.  Both have shown the characteristics we look for in a moderator.  They have been doing an excellent job in their current role as Trial-moderators.  

I have no doubt Icarly, Flashdevil11 and Zoiezo will have no issues with their new roles.  Both Elite moderator and moderator have much more responsibilities attached to them.

RE: Multple staff team changes - Icarly65 - 11-01-2020

Thank you guys for bringing me back into the elite team. Definitely happy with where the team is as a whole. Congrats to Flash/Zoiezo as well, you guys have really been great on the staff team, and it's good to see the motivation from you 2.

RE: Multple staff team changes - Kyle - 11-01-2020

Great promotions. I'm glad an elite mod promotion was made seeing as there was a dire need of one.
Hopefully you all are able to fulfill your tasks with the current positions you're in.

P.S. Icarly65 was the worst choice to fill that elite mod spot. He will still be shunned forever.

RE: Multple staff team changes - Flashdevil11 - 11-01-2020

Thank you so much guys, its an honor and pleasure to be in a staff team together with you and i will try my best to fulfil my new responsibilities!

Also congratz to zoiezo and icarly65, you deserved the promotion and im glad to work with you two in the future Smile

RE: Multple staff team changes - Santa - 11-01-2020

Congratulations Y'all!

RE: Multple staff team changes - Iron Fun - 11-01-2020

Congratulations guys, keep it up! <3

RE: Multple staff team changes - Zoiezo - 11-01-2020

Thanks for the opportunity, and congrats to the other 2 boys.