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New Server Support - Icarly65 - 12-07-2020

Hey everyone

Today we have decided to promote Mrlebeaudry to the rank of Server Support. Mrlebeaudry has previous experience within the staff team, as an Ingame Moderator. He has also been consistently active, and also very helpful in game. We have no doubt he will do well in his new rank


RE: New Server Support - Mrlebeaudry - 12-07-2020

Thank you much appreciated!!! <3

RE: New Server Support - Dannyx - 12-07-2020

Well deserved. Glad to have you back on the team.

RE: New Server Support - Iron Fun - 12-07-2020

Well deserved, gz Nic.

RE: New Server Support - Adam - 12-07-2020

Nice Promotion

RE: New Server Support - Kyle - 12-07-2020

Congrats again Nic! Good to see people of experience returning to the team.
Finally, someone capable of filling in for Inactive65 once again. Keep up the good work.