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New Sectional Moderators - Dannyx - 01-20-2021


With my irl situation, some may have noticed ingame, I'm on the opposite spectrum of my active hours for the USA timezone. I forgot to make a thread to officially congratulate Iron Fun and Icarly65 on being promoted to Sectional Moderators. 

Forums may not be as active as it once was but the positions help monitor the forums for its current activity.  Both Iron Fun & icarly65 help a ton throughout the server with whatever is needed. 


RE: New Sectional Moderators - Jaiz - 01-20-2021

Congrats both. Good additions.

RE: New Sectional Moderators - Pussy Maggnt - 01-21-2021

Gratz guys

RE: New Sectional Moderators - Kyle - 01-23-2021

Congrats to Evan, a great addition to the team. Good to see forum promotions coming in.