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resignation - Iron Fun - 01-29-2021

Hey Everyone.

I'd like to thank you for everything. It was a pleasure to be part of staffteam, but it's time for me to leave, I'm resigning from all staff position.

I'm leaving, Because life's became a bit bad lately for My family and I, and I don't see myself around. I've decided to resign than holding a rank that I don't deserve for doing nothing at all.

I'd like to thank Danny for letting me in staffteam, and all other staffs, keep your good work up guys.


RE: resignation - Ridok - 01-29-2021

Gonna miss you bud, like I said on discord, if you need anything just let me know. Hope things pull through for you and your family, something us Kiwi's like to say in tough times; She'll be right mate <3

RE: resignation - Dannyx - 01-29-2021

It's unfortunate to see you go. You were a great addition to the staff team. However, it's understandable. I wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors. Stay safe.

RE: resignation - Icarly65 - 01-29-2021

This one hurts man. In my 10+ years here, you were one of my closest friends on here. It was awesome seeing you develop into a great staff member.

I hope everything turns out okay for you and your family. Come back and visit, Etherum will always be your home

RE: resignation - Zoiezo - 01-29-2021

You're probably one of the most realistic people I have met and you always wanted the best for the game. Its sad to so you leave, good look in future endeavors brother.

RE: resignation - Greetje - 01-29-2021

Heya Evan,

I will miss you big time. You have helped me alot and I am thankfull for that.
Hopefully things will get better with you and your family. <3

RE: resignation - Dragenforce2 - 01-30-2021

ahh... my friend hope everything goes well!

RE: resignation - spiritass - 01-31-2021

Sad to see you leave, you were one of the best ones!
Hope everything will be good for you and ur family.

RE: resignation - Grumpy159 - 01-31-2021

i didnt know you much but you helped me since day 1 of my comeback to world 1 and i hope you get everything you need in the future.
thanks for believing in me and saying you wanted to watch me grow, i made it a step further and i thought about what you said when i got accepted as omm.

thank you and may your future bring you health and wealth