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[OUTDATED] Etherum Price List - ShiroKurai - 10-27-2017

by ShiroKurai

For an up-to-date pricelist, I redirect you to:
If you're ingame, type ::wiki prices.

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RE: Etherum Price List - Kay - 10-27-2017

This is fantastic, I'll sticky your thread so everyone can see this.

Please do keep it updated as frequently as you can.

RE: Etherum Price List - Psychodual - 10-27-2017

Dharok the Wretched's  set 4m - 6m
Dharok's Helmet 1m - 2m
Dharok's Platebody 1m - 2m
Dharok's Platelegs 1m - 2m
Dharok's Greataxe 1m - 2m

If the set costs 4-6m, would not each piece be 1-1.5m?

chaotic maul is not 150-160m, nobody sell for less than 200m.
I already saw people who sold korasi for 200m.

Armadyl Godsword 80m - 90m
Bandos Godsword 5m - 10m
Zamorak Godsword 5m - 10m
Saradomin Godsword 5m - 10m

Bandos, saradomin and zamorak have the same price? I think it would be good if you put it on.

Bandos godsword: 5-10m
Saradomin godsword: 10m
Zamorak godsword: 15m

t's great to see that a player created a price list !

RE: Etherum Price List - Dannyx - 10-28-2017

Saw some prices that dont match up, not on my pc so i can update when i get home.  Didnt see too much of a need for a price guide right now.  Everybody likes the free market going on, and as most items are not stable right now this will become outdated fast.. also i think a lot more items should be added.

RE: Etherum Price List - Fivee - 10-28-2017

Party hat prices are for sure higher than 50-55m. Purple party hat is the only one that could be around that, for example red party hat has been sold/bought for 300m. I would suggest changing the prices to around 100-200m as party hats have been quite hard to find.

RE: Etherum Price List - ShiroKurai - 10-28-2017

Thanks for the feedback guys. I created this pricelist with the help of Nikolas - huge thanks to him!

Right now I feel like a price list or guide is very useful. We always see (new) players asking for some kind of price list and this will meet their demands. I have asked PB to add a pricelist command for this thread, so it's easier and faster to find when you're ingame.

I will be keeping it updated as much as I can and will be adding your price / item suggestions. Don't hestitate to comment with things that need to be changed or added!

RE: Etherum Price List - Timy - 10-28-2017

Great job on the Prices list man!

The Halloween masks are defo prices higher that 130m tho, seeing as they're 240m in vote tickets, the price in cash would probably be the same.

RE: Etherum Price List - Pyk - 10-28-2017

Mostly looks good except some barrows and 2x statius warhammers, acb and ccb prices are swapped

RE: Etherum Price List - Glow - 10-28-2017

This is extremely helpful for newer players (like myself) who haven't adjusted to the server's economy. Really appreciate this! Amazing job you've done! Big Grin Big Grin

RE: Etherum Price List - Kyle - 10-28-2017

I feel that a price list was necessary at this time, even though the Grand Exchange update may be imminent.
Love the format as well. I hope this is updated on a frequent basis. Smile