Game Update - 14/05/2020
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Hey guys! I know you have been waiting for an update. Almost three months have passed without any updates. We had some issues but now we are finally back and will keep releasing updates. Starting with Last Man Standing (Battle Royale), hope you all like it! We have been coding Last Man Standing (as we call Battle Royale) and we made it a little different from OSRS and we think it's way better now. A few pkers and other supporters have been testing it these last few weeks. Let's get into it.

Players can teleport to Battle Royale in the following ways:
  • Teleport menu > Mini-games > Battle Royale
  • Quest tab > Activities tab (red icon) > Battle royale
  • Using the ::lms command
  • Using the ::battleroyale command
  • Using the ::br command
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Now let's start with a quick introduction.

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On the right we have Duke Horacio that manages your thrones. Thrones are rewarded by killing an x-amount of players, by winning an x-amount of games or just by playing an x-amount of games.

[Image: 1aRmkOC.png]

Now what you can do with these thrones you might ask? The top 3 players with the most Battle Royale wins will be displayed at home near the trading location (::ge) with their chosen thrones.

[Image: I0PyBX0.png%5D]

Joining Battle Royale
Talk to Lisa to join one of the Battle Royale modes: casual, competitive, high stakes.
  • Casual: when playing a casual game of Battle Royale, you will not lose any Battle Royale points or earn scores when you lose + it's free!
  • Competitive: when playing a competitive game of Battle Royale, upon dying you will lose Battle Royale scores (on the throne scoreboard) and you will earn Battle Royale points that can be spend in the Battle Royale shop. It costs 1 million coins to join this mode.
  • High stakes: almost the smae same as competitive, but this mode costs 150 million coins to join. Plus the last 3 standing in a high stakes game will win a percentage of the total pot.
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In the interface each player will be given standard equipment and inventory setups (which can be changed once inside the waiting area).
[Image: 0FXMfW5.png]
[Image: fda2f1O.png]

When you click on "Join" you will instantly be teleported to the waiting area with your standard setup. Click on the small chest inside the waiting area to open up the interface. Once the minimum amount required players are in the waiting area, the game will start in 10 seconds and everyone will be teleported to the Battle Royale island.

When inside the Battle Royale island, an interface will be displayed which gives you information on where the safe zone is, how many players are left alive and the current status on the fog.

[Image: moaUTlB.png]
[Image: GexwKjM.png]

Battle Royale Fog
We've made Battle Royale FOG quite different from OSRS. In the interface it tells you how far you are from the fog (if it reaches 0 you will start to take damage), some times the fog damage can be multiplied or it can even instantly kill anyone that the fog touches! When the FOG reaches the safe zone it slows down, but IT STILL APPROACHES so don't think you're safe for much time in the safe zone. After quite some time when the fog has filled the entire island and people are still alive, it will instantly kill the people left alive. The player with the most HP will win. After winning you will be teleported back to the Battle Royale area.
[Image: SdOY9M6.gif]

Battle Royale Shop
We've tried to put some of the best items in this shop, with that we added Elite Black Set to our shop! Also remember, if you buy capes with Battle Royale Wins you'll lose those wins both in thrones and in shop! Be careful! 
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[Image: nT34I5e.png]

Premium Shop Rework
We've reworked Premium Shop too, as we have a lot of Tickets in-game we've made the prices more expensive, removed some useless packs and added new ones.
[Image: eGlKYYW.gif]

Donation pack
We have created a new type of donation sale, the donation pack. Admin+ ranked members will be able to create a new donation pack. They will select items and set the price for it. Only a limited amount of players will be able to claim the donation pack. When players donate the required amount, the content of the donation pack will appear in their collection box.

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[Image: 3snEQDK.png]
[Image: 9qffFyW.gif]
[Image: MY3ONg4.png]
[Image: qWLoiXC.png%5D]

Voting pack
We have created a new reward system for voting. Moderator+ ranked members will be able to start and add items to the voting pack. After a voting pack has been created, the next player(s) to vote will be rewarded a random item from the voting pack. Once all the voting pack rewards have been claimed, the voting pack ends and a new one can be started.

[Image: yhHEoLs.png]
[Image: H0lFFmJ.png]

Skilling Tournament & PK Tournament rework
We've also reworked Skilling Tournament & Pk Tournament rewards, mainly because of the absurd amount of Premium Points that were coming from it, created an image so you guys can compare it by yourself!
[Image: Gf8Jalc.png]

Quality of life
  • Added Weird old man to ditch
  • Teacher wand now requires magic level of 55.
  • Smoke battlestaff now requires magic level of 30 and attack level of 30.
  • Dust Batlestaff now requires magic level of 30 and attack level of 30
  • Ava's assebler now requires range level of 70
  • Dragonfire wand now requires ranged level of 70 and defence level of 75
  • Piety prayer now requires 70 defence to activate.
  • Rigour prayer now requires 70 defence to activate
  • Augury prayer now requires 70 defence to activate
  • Fixed Edgeville dungeon ladder
  • Fixed Brimhaven dungeon stairs
  • Mining with Infernal Pickaxe will no longer make you stop mining before your inventory is full.
  • Kuradal will no longer assign the Drake slayer task
  • Vorkath's head when reaching 100 killcount will now drop in the right position.
  • Katagon gauntlets are no longer tradable
  • When using colored vine whip now you have 20% more of chance of spawning a superior monster
  • Smite prayer has been disabled for the berserker mode in the PvP Tournament
  • Black Chinchompa was rewarding Grey Chinchompa, now it's fixed
  • Grey Chinchompa was rewarding Black Chinchompa, now it's fixed
  • Fixed two skilling tasks that weren't working
  • Rewards for completing adventure path now goes to collect box
  • Type ::enable-warn lucky-destroy or ::disable lucky-destroy and it wouldn't prompt a warning when trying to destroy lucky items.
  • Completionist now collect arrows from the floor
  • Max cape now collect arrows from the floor
  • We added a wildy lever at Edgeville (Near of Grand Exchange)
  • We improved Dharok Accuracy, now it should be better
  • Created an option to permanently disable the dialogue of repairing untradeable items.
  • Fixed Rev dungeons entrance that weren't working good
  • Removed Guard from ditch
  • Removed Tree from ditch
  • Added Vorkath quick respawn object.
  • Removed Soul Wars portal from Edgeville
  • Changed two wild lever teleport animations
    Added Chaos Tunnels as a teleport in Monsters
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Solid update - Looking forward to all of the QoL/bug fixes being implemented from this update.
Big Grin let's keep it going, nice work Peixe.
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Good job Peixe , Keep it up :v:
Very nice update. Will grind those rewards lmfao
Good work devs, keep it up!
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Finally, god damn finally some updates. Wink
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Good Job Wink
updates good .. but that pk/skilling tourny rewards..... why l0l???
(05-15-2020, 07:58 AM)droplex Wrote: updates good .. but that pk/skilling tourny rewards..... why l0l???

Pk and skilling tournament rewards were reworked as there were far too many prem pts coming into the game from them leading to a massive reduction in weekly/monthly donations. Rewards were discussed with players before finalized but can be tweaked again. Please post your ideas to discord>#ingame suggestions.
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