Game Update - 07/09/2020
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Hi guys! My name is Peixe and here we have some QoL updates, as we were working on a lot of contents at once we couldn't make too much of it but certainly deserves a thread.

----- Hunter
  • Fixed Black chinchompas bonus damage with specific arrows;
  • Fixed Grey chinchompas bonus damage with specific arrows;
  • Increased xp rate by 45%;
----- Quality of Life
  • Fixed wrong message while doing ::wiki command;
  • Made trees at Pawya's place able to be woodcut;
  • Improved item drops announcements.
  • Slayer VIP Ticket would not repeat the tasks anymore;
----- Bosses

     -- Bork
  • Fixed weapons being repeated;
  • Fixed changing weapons when spawning;
  • Bork should always spawn by now;
  • Improved schedule;
    -- Giant Mole
  • Added a NPC Hint when it digs and teleports;
    -- Zulrah
  • Increased entry price to 50m;   
    -- Kraken
  • Increased entry price to 30m;  
  • Fixed wrong Drop Location;
    -- Cerberus
  • Increased entry price to 30m;  
    -- Hydra
  • Increased entry price to 50m;  
----- Rewards

    -- Squeal of Fortune
  • Removed all Lucky items from it;
  • Added Weapon Box;
  • Added Summoning Box;
  • Added Toolkit;
  • Added Gold Whip;
  • Added White Whip;
  • Added Bandos Whip;
  • Added Ice Whip;
  • Added Lava Whip;
    ----- Mystery boxes
  • Removed all Lucky items from it;     

Sorry if it wasn't too much but we are trying to make all the suggestions from our Discord Chat right after they being approved so we can make constant QoL updates Smile
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Peixe - Graphic Designer / Motion Designer & Programmer   
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Ayy it's better than nothing am i right? Big Grin
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