Game Update - 02-11-2020
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Hey guys, today we are releasing some bug fixes and QoL updates, most of them suggested by you guys! 

[Image: lfH3NBM.png]

  • Farming was slighly reworked, now the same system works on multiple places, Catcherby's farming is working like DZ farming!
  • Magic seateurs now also works at Catcherby
[Image: fX5xYio.png]
  • Hosters can now set to guest always hit first at BlackJack.
[Image: FVfkdbY.png]
  • Born to Die will now complete automatically for Hardcore Ironman
  • Akrisae will now charge 50K to reset penalties on HCIM and 500K for regular Ironman.
  • Mystery box price was reduced from 1K to 250 participation points.
  • Dragon weapons are now available at Melee Store.
  • "Partner" option was added to slayer helmets and black mask. (Sadly there's no more option space for Ring of Slaying)
  • Inquisitor's items stats were adjusted and wear requirements added. (Plateskirt was improved)
  • Cerberus drop table was adjusted, now primordial crystal should no longer drop more frequently than others.
  • Infernal items were removed from Premium Chests.
  • The Lottery entry price was increased to 250M
  • The Bork dragon dagger type was changed to DDS(p++)

[Image: CYUWCBT.png]
  • Slayer task extending feature is now working properly.
  • Fixed an issue on preset system allowing to withdraw a shield over 2H weapon.
  • Fixed zamorakian hasta item icon at Slayer Shop displaying Zamorak Spear instead.
  • The title "the Alchemical' was fixed, it can be used now!
  • Some game typos were fixed.
  • Noted armadyl crossbow will now stack properly.
  • Noted Polypore staff will now stack properly.
  • Server will no longer announce kill count on rare items when the KC is not tracked. (KC: 0)
  • The following tasks were fixed: 'Lucky Trip'
  • Fixed a possible way of being invulnerable at Tournament
  • Fixed the names on Tournament Specate interface.
  • Fixed wrong HP display on Tournament.
  • Fixed the archer's ring (i) item ID on blood coin store... ::replace will replace OSRS archer's ring with regular one.
  • Fixed Dwarf Cannon not rotating.

[Image: r85aP6R.png]

  • Prayer absorption will appear on hitbox as soaked damage, that way you can tell if the damage was soaked by prayer in time.
  • [Image: aj4BfYR.png]
  • Just a reminder that there's a setting to show or hide absorption icon

[Image: va0zQzN.png]

Coming really soon!

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[Image: zTzOTFU.png]
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