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Hello Everyone,

Today we are promoting Kyle to  [Image: server_support.png] Server Supporter. Kyle has done a great job since returning, within Spectrum, on yell and overall in-game. We're delighted to welcome Kyle back to the staff team and are excited to work with him.
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Congrats Kyle. Big Grin
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Congratulations Kyle.
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well deserved, congrats Kyle Big Grin
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Congrats Kyle. Well deserved.
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Congratulations Sexysoldier, well fuckin' deserved!
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[Image: server_support.png]
• 10-07-2017 - 10-07-2017
• 07-05-2019 - Present

[Image: veteran.png]
•  2015 - Present

Middleman status

• 2018 - 30-12-2018
• 22-02-2019 - Present

Discord Achievements

[Image: SGVkiZ0.png]
• 29-05-2018 - 21-11-2018

[Image: W7LT7Ip.png]
• 22-11-2018 - Present

In-Game Achievements | Rewards
[Image: jTzBO8A.png] 
TokHaar-Jad ( reward on reporting a duplication )

[Image: UZR8mBA.png]
Bloodhound ( Elite Clue Scroll : 5 Done )
2018 - Present

[Image: 14YS4mU.png]
Corporeal Beast
156 KC

It's an honor to be back. As a veteran of this server, my sole purpose since returning was to try and help the players ingame that struggle to have a great experience. Hopefully as a staff member, it'll result in myself taking a step further towards fulfilling the needs of our players.
Thanks for the promotion, and like back then, I won't let you guys down.
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great job kyle!!!!

Pc Claws??

Gz man. Well deserved.
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