New Moderation promotion
Hello everyone,

Today we are promoting [Image: PBUhZ2I.png]Kyle to Moderator.

Kyle has been a fantastic asset to the staff team since he joined and I've no doubt he'll continue to grow as a moderator.

As with all promotions, Kyle will be on a 2 week trial period.

Congratulations Kyle.
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[Image: YTOqpaU.png]

~Sigs made by Valar~
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told you it was coming you dumbass.

congrats tho you frog eyed douche. well deserved.
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Don't mess this one up Kyle, you've been a mod a few times.
Congratulations, Well Deserved!
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Congratz on mod u BOT Tongue

About time you got it, congratulations.
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You should do well in your new role, Kyle.  If not, back to t-mod, no pressure or anything.  As mod, you'll be able to help further than before so enjoy your new rank.
Gz @Kyle
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Late reply, but I appreciate the promotion and the support from the community.
As per usual, I will continue to do my best in my ability to aid everyone in need and deal with situations accordingly.
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Congrats again man <3
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Weird seeing the ol' boys return.
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