Game Update - 01-14-20
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Hey guys, 

I have been discussing with Pkers some necessary changes to improve PK, and we have built up a list together, so I'm releasing some quick updates applying those discussed matters.

Other Big update is about to be released soon!

Ranging Distance
  • Fixed attack range of ranged weapons from 6 to 7
  • Adjusted Dark Bow attack distance to 10
  • Adjusted Armadyl Crossbow attack distance to 8
Duel Arena
  • The duel arena hit delays were adjusted to work like before. 
    Now the hits at duel arena will appear at the same time, as if there were no PID.
General Combat
  • Counter-defence bonuses was improved by 20% in the combat formula, to adjust attacker's accuracy against tank armors and improve combat triangle efficiency (We will be watching to see the effects of this trial change).
  • Now all the server is included into PID rotation system, the system will reverse PID processing order every 60 seconds.
  • A big issue related to special bar drain order was fixed, before that, the last special available would not have special damage | accuracy boosts considered. (Such as Armadyl godsword special with 50% energy left)
  • Issues related to Hitpoints not updating properly MAY be fixed now.
  • ::smashvial command is now available to toggle vial smashing when finishing a potion.
  • ::instantswitch toggles between new and old switching system, for those who liked. (Default is disabled)
  • Blood coin store will now sell noted anglerfishes.

  • Entering | Leaving wilderness no longer will disable auto-cast.
  • Fixed skill level setting always adjusting HP to 10 Experience.
  • Nex set HP cap is now reduced by 50% at wilderness. (Making it 119 regular, 129 with rocktails and 141 with Anglerfish)
  • Disruption Shield no longer is allowed at the wilderness.
  • As requested by most Pkers Ancient Prayers is no longer allowed at wilderness (It will force regular prayer book)
  • Anglerfish healing was adjusted to use OSRS healing rate formulas, it also can now restore life up to 121 like OSRS.
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Great job, Pb and all involved in improving pking.
can explain whats the point of this update? some1?
All seems good besides no ancient prayer, I don't see how that was popular
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