Wiki Editor Application - Suffer Plox
- In-game name: 
Suffer Plox
Potato Bro (hardcore ironman) 

- Do you have any previous experience editing with html/BBcode?
I have been a wiki editor in the past and have experience in both HTML and BBcode as well as other useful programming languages, such as java script which I used to help make the skill calculators on the wiki. 

- Have you made any guides? If so Link them here.
I have in the past, but they are no longer on the forums. As I have said, I used to be a wiki editor and have created multiple pages. 

- Why should we let you on the wiki team?
I have a lot of knowledge of the game, and am eager to rejoin the wiki team. I personally would like to finish off the bestiary pages as most of them have not been touched since I left the team. 

- What do you think editing a wiki is all about?
I see the wiki as a place to store all kinds of useful information in an organised and easy to navigate site. 
It is a place for both old and new players to go if they need a quick answer that they can't find elsewhere. 

- Do you have anything else you would like to add to your application?
I may have only returned 3 weeks ago, but I'm feel I am mostly caught up with all new the new content, and I like to play around with the content before I create pages on the wiki as I don't like to miss anything. 

- Do you have a Discord account? (If not are you willing to make one) 
Yes, Danny shooould have me Smile
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Welcome back to the team!

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