Game Update - 04-25-2018
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Hello guys, today we are coming with some small yet impacting changes to the game.


Extreme donator is now permanent, extreme donators will also have permanent gambling rank.
Gambler rank is now permanent and price was adjusted to $ 19.99

Play Time

Play Time system was adjusted, and should no longer glitch, everyone's play time was restored.
Mysterious boxes now requires 10 hours of game play in order to be opened.

Premium Store

Puzzle solver is now available at premium store.
[Image: EaXspwx.png]

Clue Scroll re-roll is now available at premium store features

[Image: OGg1FSS.png]


The yell timers have been adjusted:
  • Regular Players: 20 seconds.
  • Donators: 15 seconds.
  • Super Donators: 10 seconds
  • Extreme Donators: 3 seconds
Players can now purchase 50 yell credits from general store
[Image: wGQ2g0G.png]

More yell tickets are available at participation store with reduced price.
[Image: 87kgztJ.png]


Vote Sortition was renamed to 'Squeal of Fortune' so this feature is more clear to new players.
Saleman should no longer be aggressive on players with aggressive potion.
The blackjack bursting with 11 points was fixed.

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Solid update

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Fancy Update
Thanks Pb
Small yet very effective adjustments Pb. Nice work.
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people may say this update is small, but thats not a problem at all. its nice to finally start seeing consistant updates not to far away from each other. cant wait for all the future updates. Awesome worp pb and other devs !

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Looks great, nice job Pb!
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Great update pb, keep it up mate Wink
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Thank you guys <3
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Great update!
Look forward to some clan updates <3
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