Game Update - 04-28-2018
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Hello Guys!!

Today we are releasing the first of the skilling updates that are very promising!

Skilling Tournament

Now we have skilling tournament that works pretty much like PK tournament.

When players gain experience on non combat skills those points will be divided by 1000 and added to the player scores.
  • The players with halved experience (once reached level 99) will have the score points doubled, in order to compensate the 50% halve, so there's no loss at all.
  • The tournament scores updates every 40 seconds just like PK Tournament.
  • Every Sunday the winners will receive their rewards automatically on the collect box!
  • The tournament ends at 19 GMT, a few hours after the PK Tournament.

[Image: n3swCU6.png][Image: 4Q9ztxB.png]
[Image: 0vSWppP.png][Image: Yu9ZKW5.png]

The rewards may be adjusted later, the first tournament reward will be given tomorrow so rush that grinding!

Brawlers Chest

A new chest available on the tournament rewards will reward 5 random brawling gloves when opened. (It's a trade-able item)

[Image: TfvwEdc.png]

Player Resource Store

At Grand Exchange there's a new store at 'Merchant' NPC

The store will work almost like a Grand Exchange, players are able to sell items that are available in the stock and purchase them for the same price.
Our staff team will be able to manage the store and adjust its price according the economy prices. (this store will come in handy once prestige system is out)
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In the previous update, the torva set was not buffed correctly, that was fixed.

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Great update !
Good luck to everyone who will participate in the skill tournament. Smile
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Great update pb. Keep them coming.
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Great update Pb! Very Excited about this one!
Hell yeah! Great work PB very excited about this update Smile
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4rd place looks nice
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Love this update

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sick update!

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great small update
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Great update! The only thing I disagree with is rewarding a skiller with a combat/prayer item. Yes, they are worth quite a bit, but most skillers look for cosmetics or items to help them continue skilling such as the adze, skilling sets (mining, lumberjack, etc).

Only relating to level 3 skillers, but just an idea to help improve this!

Great work regardless!
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