Psychodual's Staff Feedback
Hello, I'm here to talk my opinion about the current staff members, what they need to improve, no one takes this to personal, it's just my honest opinion to try help you all in some sense.  Smile


[Image: developer.png] Pb600 - You are always active bringing several great updates to us, and this is great, I see that you are working hard for the game to grow again, and I respect a lot it, continue with the great work, new players will come !!!

[Image: developer.png] Squxx - You're doing a great job with the 07 items/bosses, since you came to the development team, you have done a great work, keep it up.

[Image: developer.png] Byron - You did a great job on the skilling part, and I particularly enjoyed it, unfortunately I do not see you much inside the game, I think why you're busy in real life, anyway, you've done a great job and keep it up.

[Image: developer.png] Jordy  You've always done a great job, as developer of the site/forum, keep up the great job.

[Image: co_owner.png] Tyler - I really have no comments, you have helped me a lot in the beginning, when you were trying to be a server supporter, and in a wink, I see you as Co-Owner, in my opinion, it was the most deserved promotion.
You've always helped me, be it with tips, etc, a very good person to talk to, you're doing an excellent job as a co-owner, and I'm sure you will continue to do so, besides, you still take care of the general part of Spectrum / Omm team, in the case, you're doing a great job.


[Image: ingame_administrator.png] Saim - Since you was elite mod, you always did for deserving the position of admin, always online helping those who needed, and showing a great effort to get the rank that has today, keep doing the great job.

Elite Moderators

[Image: elite_moderator.png] Jaiz - You are doing an exceptional job in the moderation part of the game, whenever I see online, you are helping those who need, and giving the most assistance in the spectrum chat clan, you do not need to improve anything, just continue with the great work that you have been desenvolving.

[Image: elite_moderator.png] Sir Wizard - I used to see you online just looking for a clan war against Gang, or any other clan, you've always helped who needed help, but lately I see that you're improving more at it, and leaving the clan wars aside, Maintain the great work that you're doing.


[Image: ingame_moderator.png] Dannyx - You're doing a great job as a moderator in-game, and the answer to that great job is that you got accepted into the part of Spectrum's administration, and you're doing a great job as a wiki editor, keep this great assistance.

[Image: ingame_moderator.png] Mrlebeaudry - I'm seeing you more online than used to be, and that's great, ever you're online, I can see you helping those who need it, you're doing a great job in moderation, keep up the good work.

[Image: ingame_moderator.png] Timythethief - You do a good job inside the game in moderation part, and a great job in the Spectrum clan chat, try to improve a bit in the part of sending yell, try to send more yells about the game in general,that is, vote/ spectrum/staff assistance etc, but on Overall, you're doing a great job, keep it up.

Trial Moderator

[Image: trial_moderator.png] Sma11zplz - You did a great job as a server supporter, and you deserved to get the rank of trial moderator, but as server supporter, you were very inactive, but you improved in this sense, you are more active now, I feel your help when you are online , either in the part of yell / spectrum, etc. Keep with the great work.

Server Supporter

[Image: server_support.png] Fruitcake - You've always done a great job within the spectrum/game, and you deserved the chance of ss's rank, continue with the great work you're doing that new chances will come.

Thanks for reading my feedback !
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It is always nice to see a staff feedback thread, especially when all of it is positive, so thank you for taking your time to write one, Psychodual.

Glad you are as happy with the current staff team as we are , we all get along great Big Grin.
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Thanks for taking the time to type all of this up. I always like to see feedback on how we are all doing.

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thx Big Grin
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Thanks for the feedback Psychodual.
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