Changes to the Youtuber rank! (YT rank request)
Do you like to make YouTube videos but you're not motivated to make them for Etherum? I feel you, making videos without motivation can be hard.
Thats why today we're giving everyone a golden opportunity where you can instead of APPLYING for the rank, Request it. There are minimum requirements to request it.

1. Upload atleast twice a month. If we are noticing lack of uploads we can remove your rank.

2. Quality videos, means some editing, atleast 480p but 720p+ is favorable.

3. Get views, this doesnt mean that you need to have a lot of subscribers. There are many ways to get views. For example: Join all kinds of RSPS discords and post them in there, post them on forums here, discord and other RSPS forums.

You get:
Youtuber rank and title ingame.
[Image: AH6dh8n.png]

You get:
Video maker userbar on forums
[Image: QngwAPv.png]

Quote:In-Game Name:

Timezone + Country:
Type of videos made by you:
How regularly do you upload?:
Link to your Youtube channel:
Do you accept being in the discord server of youtubers?:
[Image: 3Mcbveo.png]

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