Game Update - 05-11-2018
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Heeeey Guys!!

Today we are getting some game changing updates! 

Skilling Prestige

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The prestige system came to revolutionize how skilling works, now rather than just skilling for coins, we will be able to reward really good items for the best skillers effort!

Prestige Advancing:

Players will be able to advance prestige once they have reached level 99 on all the skilling stats, including Prayer and Summoning.
The amount of earned prestige is based on the average experience of the player within those valid skills.

So lets say you have an average experience of 200m (200m on all the skills):
200m / 13m = 15 prestige points.

Prestige Limit: 20

Prestige upgrading will be a big event! 

1 - A huge animation will happen. (based on prestige level, every 4 levels the animations gets cooler, the other animations will be a surprise to you guys)
2 - A message and graphic animation will be broadcast to everyone online.
3 - Everyone online will receive a gift to celebrate of (100 * prestige level achieved).

That means that whenever a player reaches 20 prestige level, everyone online will gain 2000 prestige points!

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Players with prestige level 20 will receive 2x experience and will not have XP halve that happens usually.
That extra experience will not count towards tournament or any skilling points.

Skilling prestige points: 

Players will earn initially 1000 skilling prestige points per hour, after prestige level 1 is earned.
The skilling prestige points will be increased based on the prestige level, from 0 to 50% boost, meaning that prestige level 20 will give 50% of skilling prestige points boost.

Players will be able to follow their skilling prestige points from quest tab:
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You can access the prestige store from Sir Owen at Edgeville.

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The purpose of the store is to provide hardcore skillers an extra reward, items that they can't directly have access to while skilling.
The items in the store are restricted to certain prestige levels, based on their price.

The items prices are 100% balanced to the economy price, meaning that spending 50k of points in a Godsword will give the same wealth as spending 50k of points on any other item.

The store will still receive more items and price changes according to players' feedback.


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Skiller capes and titles

Once player has reached 15 prestige level, the game will understand that player has achieved 200m on all the skilling levels.
Once player has leveled to 1 prestige, the game will understand that player is able to wear 99 skill capes.

Skilling progress balancing

A system that balances XP point gain was created, the purpose of this system is to advance progress points at same rate for all the skills.
Meaning that all skills will advance the same amount in a given time, that way we can preddict how much experience player will have earned in a given time.
Thanks to that now the tournament will reward the same amount of points per hour for all the skills, giving no speed advantage to certain skills.


Skilling points: 3 points rewarded / 10 minutes of skilling.
Auras: Auras may be rewarded every 30 minutes of skilling.
Skilling prestige points: Players will gain 1000 prestige points for every 1 hour of skilling at best XP rate. (Only when players have at least 1 prestige)

Skilling Points

Prayer and Summoning will now count towards skilling points, as the experience gain progress is now balanced with the other skills.

Players will now gain skilling points | aura | tournament points with experience locked, but then player's bonus experience no longer will multiply the points when EXP is locked.

Sir Vant

The game interface will now display the kill count in the dungeon.
The items that are worthy to be picked up will now have a loot beam.


Gnome trainers were removed from agility area.
Gem cutting will now automatically cut full inventory.
Skilling tournament winners will now have the proper head icon!

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  â€¢ Charlie, Fruitcake, Suffer Plox
Great update! I'm sure everybody will be grinding skilling after this update if they haven't started already.

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Cool update
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Another dope update. Awesome stuff, Pb!
[Image: Charlie.png]
Great update! just really not helpfull for skillers. we have to max our level now so we can level up the prestige level + i don't think someone grinded all skills to 200m now will easly reset them for prestige.
great update anyways
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Great update PB!
Looking forward for more updates!
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