Newcomers Money Guide
Hello dear players and welcome new players. 

First of all, if you are a new player, before anything else go back to the game and type ::tutorial

By doing that you’ll be doing a tour on Server, showing where are the most useful shops and bosses are, and also showing you a quick knowledge base about the Server. It is also a task so after completing it, you will receive rewards which you collect from the collect Box at any bank.


This will be a very detailed and extensive help guide to anyone who wants to make money fast (even if you already know how), but this is a focused guide to newcommers.
The first most asked question by newcommers is:
How do I make money?” or “What is the Best method of money making?

As we all know, there are plenty methods of money making, but also depends on your dedication.
Obs: I am considering that you already have done the 320 kills on sir vants dungeon (training dungeon) where you receive a good cash as a new player and also bought the available gear at sir vants shop.

a) Slayer:

Completing a slayer task also gives you cash, but that’s not what we are talking about.

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b) Bossing:

Nowadays, since the skilling prestige system was installed in game, many players are looking for those skilling resources (next topic item) and talon pounches and Bones are the two resources which are being looked for and you can get those from bossing:

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c) Skilling resources:

The most wanted skilling resources besides summoning and prayer ones, are for cooking and smithing.

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d) Voting

How to vote for the server?

When you are logged in game you can:

  1. type ::vote 
  2. quest tab > vote

[Image: 1PGtyS3.png]
  • It will open the website, so once opened click on "redeem vote" option.

[Image: IYwRYAt.png]
  • After that vote manually on each website to vote for Etherum.
  • When done, refresh the page and fill up your ingame name into the blank right there and click "redeem vote". Go back to the game and redeem there.

[Image: hivtdG2.png]


By voting you have many possible rewards. Since selling to Merchant Guy (at ::Ge) the 11 votes you get from voting on all sites which will be 7,7m(700k each) instant cash, till saving all the vote points you have to one day sell them all as bulk so can be worth 1m each vote.

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e) Donate

The last but not the least money making method as fastest, is by donating.

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(Reaffirm: this is a fast Money making guide, if you want to try your luck on those lucky games it’s up to you).

A special thanks to @Jaiz (the nub elite mod) who helped me with info.

To check about all the mentioned contents follow these topics:

This is a long detailed guide about how new players can start making money on Etherum.

I hope you enjoyed. Also expose your thinking about what else can be added as money making guide and what may be wrong in this guide.

Best Regards,

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Fantastic Guide and well explained.

Thanks for taking your time on making this.
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What a fantastic detailed guide! Well done my friend
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I liked the guide format, great job.
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Very detailed guide and I can tell you spent hours on this.

Keep it up
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Very detailed guide, nice job man. This will be very helpful for all the new players joining. I'll definitely be sending them to this thread!

PS: the guide would look better with a smaller font and making some of the important information stand out more with colors / boldening etc.
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Solid guide. Good job

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