Game Update - 06-18-2018
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Hello Guys!
Today we are coming with lots of cool updates and new content!


  1. Slayer Shop
  2. Combat
  3. Clue Scrolls
  4. Skilling
  5. Merchant
  6. Misc
  7. Cerberus
  8. Kraken
  9. Next update

Slayer Shop

Now slayer shop has Zamorak Hasta (more effective against Cerberus and Corporeal beast) and Perfect dragon scale for sale.

[Image: JqRB3gs.png]

Perfect dragon scale

Dragon scale can be used on Harpoon, Dragon axe, Dragon hatchet, Dragon mace to convert them into Infernal items or different Dragon versions of the items.

[Image: UfKbjmM.gif]

The dragon scales can be traded, and once price is set, it will be available at Merchant store.

The purpose of the perfect dragon scales is to provide newcommers a better way to farm money.

Infernal pickaxe

Infernal pickaxe requires 1000 perfect dragon scales.
Infernal pickaxe has level 61 requirement and level 91 efficiency. (It's almost twice as fast as regular dragon pickaxe)
Infernal pickaxe has 30% of incinerating an ore and giving smithing experience.

[Image: ItTKo1X.png]

Dragon Pickaxe superior

Dragon pickaxe (superior) requires 600 perfect dragon scales
Dragon superior pickaxe has level 1 requirement and level 81 efficiency.

[Image: f4LA07v.png]

Infernal Axe

The infernal axe requires 1000 perfect dragon scales.

The infernal axe has level 61 requirements but has efficiency of a level 91 tool.
The infernal axe will burn 50% of the logs compared to 35% of Inferno Adze.

[Image: snkRaxm.png]

Dragon Harpoon
Dragon harpoon requires 600 perfect dragon scales
Has 10% of fishing speed boost.

[Image: TXrCskz.png]

Infernal Harpoon

Infernal harpoon requires 1000 perfect dragon scales.
Has 25% of fishing speed boost and has 30% of cooking a fish.

[Image: VvSskv8.png]



As voted by majority, players may teleport now during combat while outside wilderness.


As voted by majority, karambwans no longer shares tick with Saradomin Brews. 
(this also fixes an issue where players couldn't use karambwans after using any potion)
[Image: E25ngHy.gif]

Wilderness Ep

Players will no longer lose EP at wilderness when teleporting out when target has left or is leaving wilderness.

Clue Scrolls

Thanks to Sma11zplz efforts, clue scrolls have received lots of new rewards.

New easy reward: Black cane was added

New medium rewards
[Image: r9C8Nyq.png]
New hard rewards
[Image: WbGRZoM.png]
New elite rewards

Items: Tome of fire, Trident of the swamp, Trident of the seas
[Image: 5YD9luB.png]


New skilling interface

A new interface and system was created to handle skilling crafting, the skilling item requests have been changed to use the new interface.

You are able to use the 0-9 keys as shortcut to quickly select the options!
The quantity settings will be saved on each account.
[Image: tAQKDCB.png]


The fishing skill was reworked.

The shark spot was changed at DZ.
Now there's a lobster and swordfish spot at DZ.
Now all the animations are proper according to the required tool.
Donator zone has got more lower fishing level spots.
Now the best fish resource for each spot will be displayed over fishing spots.
[Image: ha0OpsE.png]


Staff is now allowed to set stock limit on the store items.
Ironman no longer will lose money when trying to purchase an item there.
Lots of improvements on merchant store were performed, players are now able to sell items that couldn't be sold before.


A problem making hans sometimes do not work for a clue is fixed.
Fixed a problem where players can rake a herb path twice.
Fixed a problem where flaming aura would cook more raw fishes than player had in the inventory.
Fixed a problem where players could set levels before choosing game mode.
Fixed a problem where stones could be cut forever.
Fixed a problem where new accounts could gamble mystery boxes.
Fixed amulet of ranging removing ranged bonus.
The brawler gloves 10% degraded warning was made red and the % position was fixed.
Ironman no longer can open mysterious boxes before 10 hours since they are still able to drop items.
A second 25% skilling experience boost event was added.
Level 99 achievement is no longer filtered by game chat filter.
More locations were added to Activity Tab
[Image: qmU5L38.png][Image: cIbt82Z.png]

Squxx Updates


Cerberus was added, it can be located at Boss teleport section and has a slayer requirement of 91.
Players must also have a Hellround task assignment in order to create a Cerberus instance.

Each instance will cost:

15m coins for Non Donators
12.5m coins for Regular Donators
10.7m coins for Super Donators
7.5M coins for Extreme Donators.

The cerberus is weak to crush, the only effective weapon against Cerberus is Zamorak Hasta (available at slayer shop), the other weapons damage will suffer a big absorption.
[Image: Xj9TR0Q.png]
[Image: 05UTSkt.png]


Crystals can be attached to Glacor boots in order to upgrade them to Primodial
[Image: 3ySbo2H.png][Image: PCV08qR.png][Image: 9XvJLcK.png]
[Image: C9OfcCR.png][Image: jdX8N5I.png][Image: 104Eh5X.png]


Kraken can be located at Boss teleport section and has a slayer requirement of 87.
Each instance will cost:

15m coins for Non Donators
12.5m coins for Regular Donators
10.7m coins for Super Donators
7.5M coins for Extreme Donators.

Kraken tentacle

The dropped item can be used with abyssal whip in order to create a Abyssal Tentacle
The Abyssal Tentacle has same stats as vine whip (Without invisible boost)
The Abyssal Tentacle has a chance of poisoning the opponents when attacking.
The special behaves just like OSRS, it consumes 50% of energy to freeze an oppponent for 5 seconds and has a bigger chance of poisoning the opponent.

[Image: b8AZ6hq.png]

[Image: h7fxjt6.png]
[Image: NHDocXi.png]


Fixed storeroom key degrading without opening door
Some ajustments to instances
Buffed c halberd spec
Added Jungle Demon to activity tracker, and boss teleports, added sea troll queen to boss tele, added tormented demon to teleports
Appended pet drop chance to star
If server promotion star boost is enabled and there is no star, one will crash
Ironman can now buy 1m bonus exp

Next update

We have a few great news related to some servers migrating to Etherum, as there the players have Owned Shop system, it has became our top priority to implement something like this.

Meaning that Player Owned Shop will be our next released update.

[Image: utz0Dnv.png]
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Great update PB. covered a lot of aspects within the game. Keep up your hard work.
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Wow looks great. Great to see so much bring added. Thanks to all involved.
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Insane update. Great job guys.
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Great update as always Pb and Squxx! I will enjoy this one for a loong time. Really outdone yourselves now! Keep up the amazing work.
Awesome update! Can’t wait to try out the new bosses.
Keep up the good work.
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Amazing update! can't wait to play around with all the new content!

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Huge update! Good work team <3
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This should be fun, good update keep it up.
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Dragon scales look sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Great update with everything!
Hope to see a clan update soon! Maybe revamp the ranking system!
See ya in game!
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