Game Update - 06-28-2018
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Hello guys!
Today we are finallyyyyyyyyyy bringing something so long awaited! The Player Owned Shop (Which is kind of like G.E mix)

Initially the PoS (Player owned Shop) will be available to Extreme donators only as it's a test phase, if everything goes right we expand to Super Donators and then it opens to everybody.

Once we effectively open PoS, the Merchant store will be disabled.

You can access the PoS from the ::ge
(The Grand Exchange map should be tweaked in the future to look cooler)

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Buy Tab

The buy tab will display the recent sales whenever the search field is empty. (It's updated in real time)
Players can toggle whether they want the items to go straight to bank or inventory when purchasing an item.

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Sell Tab

The sell tab works pretty much like RS G.E with some improvements, to sell an item you can simply click on the "Select Item" option then select an item from the inventory.
(There will be no market price initially as we will fetch and calculate those based on transactions)

[Image: reNFLAm.png]

Store Tab

Here you can manage your current sales such as checking progress, cancelling or withdrawing the items.

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History Tab

Once you finish selling an item (withdrawing all the remaining items from collection) or purchase something, it will appear on the history.

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Food combat delay was adjusted to be perfectly like OSRS.
You can not bring both boss and skill pets into ::Ge.
Lesser demons have been replaced by Greater demons at the wilderness ::Gdz teleport.
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Great update pb, hope it all goes good so we can open it for everyone Smile
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nice update man ownead  Heart Heart

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looks cool

Great update Big Grin
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Excellent update! Good job!

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very noice
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Please don't hype up an update then release it to like 10 people lmao, hoping test phase is over quickly... looks good
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looks dope pb
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unfortunately the testing phase is so very important with a high risk update like this
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