Wikipedia Updates - June
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We had another member join the team.. Welcome Squxx.

The Wikipedia team has been busy adding/editing pages.  
The pages below are what we have been working on:

We have done various edits to Bossing guides with the implement of quick teleports to them.

The Nex Guide is a work in progress.

We have done various edits to Skilling guides adjusting experience rates, and adding wilderness task locations to the slayer page.

A prayer calculator was added to  We plan to add more functions to the calculator and implement more Skilling calculators on the other pages.  Currently the prayer calculator doesn't take into affect any bonus multipliers.  

An event promotion tracker was added to this page:  When you click on the button, it will display when the events will happen for each hour based on your timezone.  The code reads your network's time and uses that to determine when each event will happen for you.

The following pages were created:

These are some of the pages that have been either created or updated.  There has been various edits on many pages to update outdated info.  With all of the frequent updates, we will be very busy adding new pages, and updating our current pages.  As always we will be adding and updating the price guide with any new prices and/or new items.

If you find any incorrect information on the Wikipedia be sure to pm either myself or a member of the wiki team.

If you have any suggestions for the Wikipedia be sure to put them Here and we will check them out.

Thank you.

Best regards
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Nice, Great job guys.
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Good job to you guys for editting and adding new information to the wiki!
Congrats @Squxx for joining the wiki team.
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Good work boys and welcome!
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