Wikipedia Updates - July
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This month has been mainly about creating new pages to keep up with the influx of new items. We have also been adding more NPC pages.

New pages:

As you can see we make a lot of new item pages every month. Yes there are still a lot missing but it will take time before we have a page ready for each item and NPC.

The max setups page has had a vast revamp Max setups

The prices list had a big update. We would like to thank Fruitcake our friendly neighborhood Trial Moderator for assisting us with this. With the introduction of Player Owned Shops (POS) it has made it hard to give guide prices on items due to them fluctuating a lot.

I would to congratulate Dannyx on becoming our new Wikipedia Manager. I have been the manager now for a very long time and feel it is time for someone new to step up. This was not a decision I made lightly. It was a very tough choice between Ben and Danny. They have both been loyal and put an extreme amount of effort into myself and the Wikipedia. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you both and I thank you for all your hard work you have both put in. 

- Ryan 

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Great job guys!
Congratulations Dannyx. Smile
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Great work as always. We're lucky to have a dedicated WiKi team

Congratulations Danny and thank you Ryan for managing the wiki so well for so long.

Ps. As always if you have suggestions for the wiki you should place them here  and ofcourse, if you are interest in applying for the Wiki, you can apply here but be sure to read the requirements first Wink
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