Game Update - 08 - 17 - 2018
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Hello beloved players! My sincerest apologies for the large delays between updates recently. I ensure you I aim to release something most weeks from now onwards. So rest assured you guys will not be left waiting in the future!

Wilderness chest

As it was voted in by the poll, you now will be able to receive sagittaran, celestial, and primal pieces from the Wilderness chests.

Pking Rewards
Up untill now when someone gets a kill in the wilderness they would have a chance of getting a reward such as, lucky items, or pvp armours. I've scrapped that all together.

Now when you kill someone you will have a random chance of an item of the new pking rewards table. This table has 6 tiers! here are the rewards:

Tier 1:
100-200 x Noted Rocktail
100-200 x Karambwan
100-150 x Onyx bolts (e)
25-50 x corrupt Morrigans thrownaxe
1 x a random barrows set
1 x Flameburst defender
100 - 300 x hand cannon shot
1 x bloody key
1 x Onyx ring (i)
1 x Elder robes peice
1 x Saradomin sword
5 x Helm of Neitznot
1 x Abyssal Whip
1 x Amulet of Fury
1 x Dragon Boots

Tier 2:

1 x Berserker Ring
1 x Seers Ring
1 x Archers Ring
750 - 1500 x Blood money
1 x Amulet of Ranging
1 x Dagon'hai peice

Tier 3:
1 x Berserker Ring (i)
1 x Seers Ring (i)
1 x Archers Ring (i)

1000 - 2000 x Blood money
1 x hand cannon
1 x staff of light

Tier 4:
1 x Ganodermic peice
1 x Korasi's Sword
1 x Ragefire Boots
1 x Glaiven Boots
1 x Steadfast Boots

Tier 5:
1 x Amulet of Torture
1 x Occult Necklace
1 x Dragon Claws
1 x Chaotic weapon

Tier 6: 
1 x Primal 2H Sword
1 x Primal Longsword
1 x Primal Rapier
1 x Primal Maul

Blood Money Shop

The blood money shop has been rather dull for quite some time now so it has had some new items added and has been seperated into tabs:

[Image: 6bb1bc340f69f2031e07fc9b57f7d469.png][Image: ea4c1f96b9f04094c2832ff3b7ab24e2.png][Image: ad4bfa7e7da67ee7732973ee8f5f2f6c.png]
[Image: 00181a8a8293a43aeea463e65f29901e.png]

Wilderness boss & Avatar Drop tables

All of the wilderness bosses will drop bloody keys far more often aswell have had some new items added:

[Image: 94e89299710aa6c4ab909161fb03b2b7.png][Image: fc51226e4de783a17a8497cb60aa6270.png][Image: 7cf7db95f4c842aa090c979306f1c353.png]

[Image: f3f68666005bf1e53d2ba5d255a10015.png][Image: 3e66fff5d139f4361b7130c0f1297733.png][Image: 9de28a28cc5018d0c57c16dfbd1dbad8.png]

Wyrm tracker

You will now be able to check the PvM section of the quest tab to find if the Wildy Wyrm is spawned and which location it is in.

[Image: 916f7ef476177cb687d94fc7d9cc39a7.png][Image: 0e07767fe72106a90542f36bc714c8a4.png]

Also now the Tome of Fire will make spells damage %50 more and also count as unlimited fire runes
And the handcannon has been buffed! it will not explode!
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Cool update Smile
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Great update, Squxx !
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Great update
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Great update. I don’t quite understand the tier system that is being used in the recent updates tho? Anyone care to explain?
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Nice update!

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