I'm back
Hello Everyone,

My names Daboli and I have been playing grinderscape/etherum since 2013. I took a break shortly after pb created Etherum due to graduating college and trying to get settled into a new city for work. I'm back and will be doing some graphic related stuff here on the fourms in the future when I get a little more free time. I loved competing in graphic design comps back in the day on here and want to just do some signatures for some people and overall I am excited to get involved with the community again. I'm excited to see you all in game!
Welcome back, Daboli.
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Welcome Back Daboli
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• 10-07-2017 - 10-07-2017
• 07-05-2019 - Present

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TokHaar-Jad ( reward on reporting a duplication )

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Bloodhound ( Elite Clue Scroll : 5 Done )
2018 - Present

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Corporeal Beast
156 KC

Welcome back!

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Welcome back
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Welcome back !
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