Been playing Grinderscape/Etherum since 2013. 
I'm 20 years old, turning 21 soon. 
Played RSPS's, MMORPG's for far too long.
I log on every day to be bored.
I've donated a shit ton of my IRL earnings, that could of gone elsewhere and I'd be somewhat in a better situation IRL.
Time to go.. I don't have the time to keep playing these types of games any more.
Played for many years.
Met some good people, stay in touch on discord if you want.
Keep up the good work Pb, you deserve so much more.

--Matt M8-- Pceeeeeeeeeeeeee.
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  â€¢ Pb600
Peace Matt.

Known you since I started playing all but 2 years ago.

Wish you well in real life and if you want to chat hit me up on discord. Keep in touch bruv.
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  â€¢ Matt M8
adios my nigga knew you for quite a while ever since you were a host, was fun staking you love you xo.
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Cya man
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Keep in touch!
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Eventually games in general will be too old for you. But like everyone says, you dont quit it, they quit you. So whatever you do, you'll come back. Anyways, Good luck IRL Smile
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Good luck to you irl!

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Glad to have met you these past couple of summer months. Hope everything goes well for you irl! I will miss ya x
Nooo!! Matt, don't do this to me man! Sad

Gunna miss you, buddy. Was a pleasure knowing you, and I'm sure we'll stay in touch through Discord.

Love ya pal, good luck irl. <3
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