Game update 15/9/2018
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Hello all, my apologies for the wait,  so here we go.

Giant Mole
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You can now find a Giant Mole teleport in the monster teleports section of the world teleports. This boss is relatively easy to kill with protect melee active, when it is below half health it will dig away and you will have to run around the caves to find it again.

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In addition It is also a decent boss to kill to make money. You can sell your mole claw/skin to Wyson the gardener who is also located within the moles cave. The Mole nose (rare drop) will fetch you 50m!  700K for the skin, and 575k for the claw.
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Revenant drop updates

There Revenants drops have been getting dull for quite some time now. Corrupt drops have been removed, and the top tier revenants will now drop Dragon claws, Sagittaran, and Celestial. In addition they can also drop bloody keys.
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  • All Primal weaponry has received accuracy, and strength buff.
  • Zamorakian spear has been added to the participation shop.
  • Colored ancient staffs added to mystery boxes.
  • A new title is available for prestiged players.
  • A 10 second timer has been added before you can skip a wilderness target.
  • Ale of the Gods has been added as a skilling task reward.
  • Decay time on the cannon have been changed, ext. Donar: 90mins, super. Donar 60mins, Reg. Donar 45mins, non donar 25 mins.
  • Discord points have been added to the quest tab.
  • The lizardmans acid attack has been nerfed, and it's drop rates tweaked.
  • Fixed issues with Vet'ion.
  • The easter bunny set has been made tradeable.
  • A large amount of pking related items have had their death keep rates increased.
  • Kraken tentacle has been added as a moderately rare reward on the roll sortition.
  • The ale of the gods has been added, although it has not yet been implemented into the game

Ring of wealth (I)

The Ring of wealth scroll can be used to imbued a Ring of wealth. The imbued version will give close to DOUBLE drop rates, and give a boost in luck when opening clue caskets!!! These will be available as a skilling task reward, and on the roll sortition.

Thank you all, and sorry once again for the wait. 

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tHANKS fOR tHE uPDATE dEveloperS!!
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Very nice updates man, we needed a couple!
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Finally giant mole In-game ^^
Nice update.

Thanks for the good content again.
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good stuff mates! Smile
NNiceeeeeeee yessss revenants add morrigans weapons in revenantis
Looks awesome, man. Desperate to get back on and play.
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Great update Smile
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Could you release the chances of getting row i from skill tasks. I like that the scroll is very rare, but just am interested in the rate. ty

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