Slayer Monster Locations [GUIDE]
I see alot of people asking where certain (slayer) monsters are, so I made these spreadsheets explaining the locations and how to get there. Hopefully this will be helpful.

Note: the list is somewhat incomplete and currently features tasks given by Turael/Duradel/Kudaral. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Slayer Monsters assigned by Turael

[Image: turatest.jpg]

Slayer Monsters assigned by Duradel/Kuradal

[Image: kuratest2.jpg]

Note: you can always directly teleport to your slayer assignment by right-clicking any Slayer master, choose ‘rewards’ go to the ‘assignment’ tab and click ‘teleport to current task location’ (this will cost some slayer points).


Slayer Tower

[Image: Slayer_Tower_map.png]

Slayer Cave

[Image: slayer_dungeon.png]

Chaos tunnels

[Image: Chaos_Tunnels_map.png]

Edgeville dungeon

[Image: edgeville_dungeon.png]

Taverly dungeon

[Image: Taverley_Dungeon_map.png]

Brimhaven dungeon

[Image: Brimhaven_dungeon_map.png]
- All rights go to the respective owners/creators of the images above.

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Yeaaa Already reported that we are missing a ' Guides ' section Big Grin
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Good job Dupon,thanks for this guide.
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Nice job, thanks!
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Great guide, well done! Will be great help to some newcomers.
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You can also use this awesome tool Gal made Big Grin

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Great guide Dupon.  What i'd prefer to see is text of the slayer monsters and their locations so it's easier to navigate using ctrl + f

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