Incentive for those who have a lot to still play.
Hello all,

I have been around the community since 2013 and it always has been fun. After the reset that happened a long time ago the game felt new after many years of an economy that was almost worthless towards the end. Etherum is starting to turn back into this "meta". There are very few drops in game that are worth the time and resources. Gwd the items are borderline worthless except for arma hilt and many other bosses that have been in the game for a while also are not worth doing. My solution? I think there needs to be a universal rare drop for major bosses like Black Knight Titan, Kbd, wildy bosses, etc. This could be anything from a custom rare (like colored hweens) or amazing gear like the vine, but something that has not been added into the game yet. There are many players as you guys know that have billions and even trillions of gold on the server. All that there really is to do for these people is to gamble, merch, and occasionally pk (again not much of an incentive other than tournament). There needs to be an incentive for pvm because the economy is becoming stale and the server is starting to feel like a skilling rsps. Skilling is great, but to create a growing community people aren't going to want to come play to create fires or grind skilling tasks, but rather come for the thrill that they are unable to access in real osrs. People come to runescape private servers for that next rare drop from pvm, to gamble, and to most importantly pk and I think with a new incentive for those who already have everything and are bored this could be a route for them to take.

TLDR; Add an item (I would recommend based on a poll) that would be a universal very rare boss drop that people have a chance to grind after. Make the rate rarer or on par with vine drop.
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Thanks for your suggestion and effort.
great suggestion, will make the dead bosses somewhat viable


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