Incentive to play minigames
  1. I was thinking they could add some items of value we could buy from the minigame stores with our points/tickets. I like playing minigames but not many people play them anymore. It would be a fun way to make some money! I suck at pking and skilling bores me.
  2. I also had an idea, it seems not many people were drawn to the giant mole boss when released, it would be cool to see it moved to the minigames section as sort of a solo fun game called "whack the mole." Adding a kill tracker or having it drop tickets to use at Wyson the Gardener to purchase cool shit and shit to sell. 
  3. remove all barrow sets from other shops so people can start playing barrows again, and the price of these items have a SLIGHT increase
  4. reward tokkuls from playing fight pits :idea:
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You bring up some really cool things.

First, I think removing the barrows items from the stores would be a good idea. This create only one way to obtain the items = do the barrows minigame. I understand that it was made into an easy way so that pkers could pk with them more..but having them play the game to earn pk gear is even better.

Secondly, Castlewars has the tickets for the battlemage, trickster and vanguard. What other items are you thinking? Maybe a form of xp/participation points can be traded in from certain tickets or game played. We could also have weekly events that keep tally of how many games you play. For an example, you play 50 Castlewar games in a week then you would be rewarded the 50 Castlewar cape or a unique item. Just an idea.

Thanks for sharing your ideas. I would say add more suggestions with your ideas and that would give our development team more to look at.

See ya in game!
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