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Game suggestions.
1. Make castle wars armour degrade and repairable with castle wars tickets. This will hopefully make castle wars active again. Perhaps compensate the degrading by making them cost less (tickets).

2. Add Godwars Tokens: get them by killing any godwars monster (including boss). These will not be material (like discord point, thus not be tradable). See #3 for further reference.

3. Make Nex armour degrade and repairable with Godwars tokens (see #2).

4. Create more non-pvp tasks. Preferably tasks that include minigames to make them more active.

5. Add better TRADABLE rewards for minigames such as barrows, fight pits, castle wars and weapon game.

6. Add Pest Control

7. Enable Magic attack style in the weapon game minigame.

8. Host more minigame (server) events.
[Image: fozkR8t.png]

I like the degrading CW gear and spending tickets to repair..but I also think they are expensive to buy back after dying in wild. So I can see where that might be an issue with it.

As for the more minigame server events, Clan Spectrum tries to host an event weekly, whether it is bossing or castlewars. This weekend we will be hosting a Castlewar event. We haven't talked much of a clan war event, but it could be in the future. For #8, I would say give suggestions and spit out ideas on how to host server minigames as an event.

Overall, I like the suggestions. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing,
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