Nex update
Hello people,
Nex is one of the most challenging bosses in the game, even harder than tarn and the drop table kinda dissapoints me.
I don't know the drop rate of nex armours but with prestige store virtus and pernix have gone down in price dramaticly. 
I would suggest to make droprate on nex pieces more common and to add better common + uncommon drops such as barrows sets ring sets i and maybe even add the avernic defender ingame, but then make nex drop the sigil to attach on the dragon defender. 

Buffing the nex armour drop rates wont change it that much because you can only get like 10 nex kills in an hour and with it even being 1/50 it will hardly change anything. 
So, i would say maybe make it dropped 1/30? its not guarenteed to get a nex drop in an hour but it would atleast bring people back to the boss.
This boss should have better drops than tarn imo since its a team boss and it has mechanics way harder than tarn.
Just for anyone curious tarn drops zogre bones that go for 10m ea on pos, maybe nex could have a drop with like 3x zogre bones as uncommon? or have its own speciale best ingame bones
Thats all i have to say,
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yes 100% support nex drops must be improved a lot! right now its nearly impossible to get a partner to kill nex because the drops are useless, ive killed nearly 300 nex and i have only gotten a pernix cowl and virtus legs. its fucking shit. make items 1/20 and also improve the normal drops. nex is hardest boss ingame but can make more money killing lvl 3 goblins at sir vants now.
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If you lower the drop rate, the prices will drop from nex..

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