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Hello Guys!

It has been a biiig while since my last update notes here, happens that I have been working on some external things related to game Advertisement, setting up a ground for future advertisements, we have saved some money and now we have a good budget to spend on an effective advertisement plan.

Today I'll be showing the new landing page, that should help us retain way more players, making advertisements more effective as now newcommers can see the whole game content before joining and realize how big and professional we are.

The landing page also has an introduction for cases when the user doesn't really know what is a RSPS, such as when we start advertising on Google Ads or OSRS Bot clients.
As you can see in the page there are some things that we still don't have officially, that's why this page is 'landing2' it's not official yet until I finish some promissed features, such as 2m OSRS every 10 hours of game activity and other things.

Beside landing page I'm working on some other huge tools and content to help us broadcast Etherum very effectively, the plans are big and I'm 100% confident that will bring us good results!

Hope you like the new landing page, it took a while to finish off!
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Nice advertisement m8 , lets go .
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If you want people to pk, then u should kinda fix wildy first: Veng is delayed af(makes it almost impossible to get a veng kill), edge lagg, you can eat food way2fast, distr shield should be removed. There are no pking mechanics other than distr shield atm, which needs to be removed.
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Great job. I can't wait for the influx of new players.

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